Freedom from Emotional Eating, Food & Weight Obsession

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Emotional Eating Recovery Coach Ellen Shuman Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach

If 1 hour on the telephone could provide the emotional eating help and relief you’ve been seeking, would you commit & take advantage of this free opportunity?

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[blue]“Food; You’re Not the Boss of Me!
5 Essential Steps to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating”[/blue]

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[/box] [quote]“Thank you! It was wonderful! Very informative and eye-opening. I felt you were speaking directly to me. You said things to me that I have never heard before even after decades of therapy. Thank you!” Deb, Bella Vista, Arizona[/quote] Participating in an Emotional Eating Seminar, by telephone, may seem like an unusual way to get help for an emotional eating problem. Actually, it’s a great way for me to share the very latest research about how to overcome emotional eating; as well as what’s been missing from all the other emotional eating help you’ve tried.

My Emotional Eating TeleSeminar will address:

  • Help to stop the exhausting cycle, “I’m either eating out-of-control or I’m dieting!”
  • Where do you fall on the Emotional Eating Continuum?
  • Why can’t you stop emotional eating, even though you hate the consequences of the behavior?
  • How a person can learn to self-soothe without using food, actual use the emotional eating help offered
  • How does a person begin to change? What will change look like?
  • Practical strategies for overcoming emotional eating, compulsive and binge eating
  • Where do people find resources for change?

Facilitator: Ellen Shuman; Founder and Director A Weigh Out Life Coaching [quote]“This morning I had the blessing of being a part of Ellen Shuman’s free phone seminar. Ellen is utterly giving and understanding. Not only did she share openly of her own journey, but she competently, expertly, knowingly, laid out what she has learned through her decades of studying and helping those of us with emotional eating. I gravitated to her generous sense of helping others, her breadth of wisdom. She is plain-spoken, yet intimately aware and conscious of the pain and despair that can be the tragedy of this chronic self-destruction. Moreover, Ellen knows that there is Hope! There is a Weigh Out. It involves self-care, courage, and learning about ways to interrupt the emotional disconnection that binge-eating tries to accomplish. I have been binging for decades. When I heard Ellen Shuman, I recognized a person who speaks my language. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Leslie, Baltimore[/quote] Note to Health and Fitness Professionals…This informational telephone seminar is designed specifically for people who are struggling with emotional eating. We ask that all Therapists, Coaches, and other professionals in the health and wellness field, interested in learning more about A Weigh Out’s approach, contact Ellen Shuman directly at (513) 321-4242, to discuss your professional interest.