Freedom from Emotional Eating, Food & Weight Obsession

A Weigh Out Reviews- In My Coaching Clients’ Own Words

“Thanks so much!

Your Tools have been an invaluable resource for me! They really provided guidance and knowledge. I’m in a place I never thought I’d be – mindful and aware of my old habits and actively creating new ones. I’ve saved the pdfs of all the tools so I will be able to reference them moving forward. I would never have made the amazing progress I’ve made over the past couple years without you.

Thank you again for everything!” *

~Keri, Pennsylvania

“It has been a pleasure working with you. All the techniques and material that I learned are so valuable, I’m really happy about all the work and progress that I’ve done. If I feel that I need more support in the future, you will for sure be the first person that I will reach out to!

Thank you sooo much for everything you provided me, I am amazed by everything we accomplished in 9 sessions. My boyfriend and family do notice a huge shift in me at the emotional level. I really can’t thank you enough for the growth in which you supported me.

Thank you, and all the best.”*

~Julianne, Costa Rica

“There’s the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I reached a point where I was ready to work on my issues and Ellen appeared. I started with the free phone seminar to see if this was something that made sense for me which it did. I felt very comfortable talking with Ellen because she is kind and non-judgmental which allowed for me to be honest with what I was feeling, which allowed Ellen to get to the core issues faster. Even if I couldn’t explain something, Ellen could still help.

In the few months that I worked with Ellen, I feel like a different person now. She taught me many things and provided tools that I refer to often if I’m feeling a certain way. I notice when re-reading the tools, there are helpful things there that I did not pick up originally, which Ellen explained that I would pick up what made sense for me at the time. As you learn and grow, you are in a different space which allows for you to let other information in that resonates with you at that time.

I started with Ellen because I wanted to stop binge eating every night while watching tv. In my sessions, I found out that it wasn’t just a comfort habit thing I was doing, there were things I were avoiding. This is how I learned my bingeing was connected to my procrastination and other things. My sessions transitioned very quickly away from bingeing once I started working on my core issues, which stopped the bingeing. Ellen also offers a brain retraining session for people that are stuck in certain areas. I was stuck with feelings of guilt about a situation for many years and after that session, my feelings changed, surprisingly!

With Ellen’s wisdom, I am in a better place because I understand myself in a new way. It’s not a one and done, it’s a process that has worked wonders for me. I continue to work on myself using her tools and everything else I learned from her and am so grateful for this new understanding. Oh, and I lost almost 40lbs in the process which was a secondary benefit to me because learning I had core issues to resolve became my priority. Thank you Ellen!”*

~Glinda, Massachusetts

“Thank you for everything. I really feel like this coaching was a very transformative process on multiple levels and I am grateful for your mastery and your compassion. I look forward to staying in touch as well!”*

~Beth, Rhode Island

“You’ve been extremely helpful. I feel like you have been the final push I needed to turn around my relationship with food. I’ve been in a much better place than I ever have been with food (especially being around my usual triggering moments being back home). I no longer look to food as an emotional outlet. It’s been very freeing.

Thank you again for everything!”*


Thanks so much Ellen.  I have learned a lot from you and feel you are one of the few people (maybe the only one?) who really understands what’s going on with Binge Eating.  Or more importantly, what’s going on with all the emotional things lurking beneath the surface driving it.”*

~Angela, Illinois

“I smile as I write this, I’m so grateful!

I have such positive things to say about the time I’ve spent working with Ellen Shuman.  Specifically, I’m so pleased with the benefits I am experiencing after recently participating in a brain retraining session with her.  As a result, something so heavy has been lifted from my thought process, and the feeling is remarkable.

The negative, difficult thoughts I have carried around all my life have shifted to a place of simple awareness and no longer have the power they once had.  My new sense of awareness is one of empowerment and freedom, an outlook I’ve been searching to feel for so very long.  Of course things are never perfect, but I find it calming the way I’ve changed the way I handle, and even embrace, challenges and obstacles.

With Ellen’s help I now have powerful visuals to consistently reinforce the work we did. Those visuals and my thoughts now bring me peace of mind.

My brain retraining session with Ellen was one of the best steps I’ve taken to support my overall well being.  So grateful for this experience!”*

~Lynn, Minnesota

“Hi Ellen,

I just had my endocrinology appointment and I’m 23 pounds lighter!  Without miserable dieting!  I can’t thank you enough!”*

~Susan, New York State

“Neuroplasticity. Neuro…what is that?” That was my first reaction to that term. But it is really exciting stuff! God designed our brains to have the ability to create new pathways and connections. Ellen showed me how to tap into my brain’s ability to make that happen. And her extended ‘Brain Retraining’ sessions enable that process to happen in one session’s time. It sounds impossible, and I had difficulty understanding it until I actually experienced it. And I have experienced it several times in fact: powerful and life-changing sessions. If you are feeling ‘stuck’ and struggling with a particular area of your life, I highly recommend considering Ellen’s Brain Retraining.

Thank you Ellen for your remarkable expertise and gentle guidance through these sessions for wonderfully freeing experiences.”*

~Ann, North Carolina

“Ellen and I worked together with one-on-one coaching for several months. I suffer from an anxiety disorder so was quite nervous about starting the process. I am a hard case! Ellen immediately put me at ease. She is warm, compassionate, non-judgmental & funny. She shares personal experiences which helped me relate to her. You can really feel that she’s been where you’ve been, understands & truly wants to help you.

I was amazed at the knowledge Ellen has. She is brilliant! It seemed that no matter what question I had, she could cite articles, videos & share an incredible amount of knowledge off the top of her head to help me. She provided me with a lot of written reference material as well. I still use her website, too, which is loaded with great information, videos & tools.

If you’re thinking about working with Ellen, I would say don’t hesitate & just do it! You won’t regret it. I thank Ellen for all she has done for me.” *

~Karen, Illinois

A Weigh Out Reviews“Dear Ellen

Just wanted you to know I think of you often…Our Sunday group phone conversation and subsequent phone coaching conversations in 2009 were a life changing experience…the beginning of freedom from the tornado in my brain—obsession/compulsion with food, weight—for 40 years of my life…

I remember feeling I was a person possessed…it interfered with every aspect of my life..

I think what was most helpful was refocussing: self-care exercise, and sharing with others online…knowing that food thoughts were essentially a need for time-out…it was so amazing to become aware that my feeling response was —food thought > then eat…

Over the years I have had lung cancer, brain injury—had to learn to walk/talk again a few years ago. I could never had recovered, with grace and humor, without the gifts/tools that you passed on to me.. At 72, I have never been happier—I gave up my subscription to guilt, worry, and fear years ago…I am healthy, don’t own a scale, and love dressing up for no reason!!

I hope you are well and having fun…God Bless You Always.” *

~Marie, New York

“My experience with Ellen Shuman and A Weigh Out has been nothing less than phenomenal. For years, I was on a quest for freedom from binge eating and all the problems that come with it. I read books, participated in coaching sessions, watched online videos, etc., with no success. I seriously thought that I should resign myself to accept a life of constant struggle with food, weight, and body image. Something inside me still wanted to fight that dragon, and I knew there had to be a better way to live. I reluctantly searched online, yet again, and I thank God that I did because I found A Weigh Out and Ellen Shuman. The positive impact on my life is immeasurable. I could write for days about the freedom I have found, but I will simply say: trust this process. It truly is A Weigh Out.” *

~A.E., North Carolina

“Words cannot simply express the gratitude I have for Ellen’s support through the years. I wouldn’t have made this progress in my recovery without Ellen! Thank you again!”*

~Denise, CA

“I must thank you ever so much. After all these years of asking, “Why am I a failure at stopping this destructive eating behavior?”, you have answered my question and started me on my path of self-help and healing. I took notes while you were speaking and am glad you followed up by sending the materials from the phone call. I feel a heavy burden has been lifted from me. I am the type of person who needs to know the reasons why to be able to then go about doing something about it.

I am so grateful for giving people like you who will take the time to share what you know to help others in these situations. I plan to keep you posted on my journey of self-discovery and healing. 

Thank you…..thank you…..thank you!!!!!”*


“Hello Ellen,

I can’t believe how much I’m liking this stuff!! You are soooo helpful and I love that I am finally getting the help that I feel I’ve needed for years and years. Yeah!! Thank you!! I think this stuff is going to transform my life (not just the eating…makes sense because the eating issue really isn’t an eating problem). I’m very excited!

I also want to let you know that I appreciate how honest and frank you were with me this morning during our session…particularly when you said that the only way that it’s going to change is if I get clear and mindful about what I want and what I’m going to do about it…also, when you talked about choices and how I get to decide what kind of life I want to create. And all the info you shared about patterns, habits, etc… VERY helpful! I needed to hear the “matter of fact” info today. The whole session was awesome! I’m loving it.

I am amazed at how much you know and how you are such an awesome “investigator” in helping discover what needs to be addressed and talked about. Love it!!!

Big Thanks!”*

~Julie, Arizona

“Hi Ellen,

I just wanted to let you know I attended a course on Emotional Intelligence yesterday and they asked us to list people we admire and the qualities we admire about them and the first person who came to mind was you! The qualities I listed were: intelligent, empathetic, intuitive, genuine, caring and successful.

They also talked a lot about “top brain” and “bottom brain”. It reinforced many of the things I learned from you.

I also wanted to let you know our last phone conversation really had an impact on me. You really got through to me with the “victim” vs. “creator” mentality. I have been catching myself much more often when I am in victim mode and consciously shifting into creator mode. For example, last night I got some bad news in the mail regarding money I will owe. I was very upset. I started in victim mode, ‘Why me, nothing ever works out for me, there goes all my money, I’m so angry, etc.’, and then I stopped and used my tools. I choose how I was going to feel about this. I chose not get upset, not to eat over it. I went into “creator mode”. You really did have a big impact on me!

I am so grateful I met you and that you have been such a positive influence. I feel like I have grown a lot in the short time we worked together. I am using the skills you taught me. I am planning to review all the handouts again this weekend and to continue to use all I have learned from you.

I hope all is well with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future.” *

~Carmela S.

“I worked with Ellen for over a year where she served as my emotional eating recovery coach. This was my first and only experience with this type of coaching. I was and continue to be impressed with Ellen’s expertise, sound and tactical approaches, and expansive knowledge. Her multiple years of commitment and personal sharing were clear and thoughtful. She was prepared for every meeting and I felt strongly that she was always focused on my personal circumstances throughout our relationship.

I recommend Ellen’s approach to others who are willing to embrace a sound, dedicated, committed resource to augment your personal development.”*

~Penny, Michigan

“Thanks for the great phone call, Ellen. I appreciate the info. Your principles really resonate with me. I’m in the middle to end of the emotional eating spectrum and have been exploring a wellness-based approach for a while. You’re the first life coach that I’ve listened to who combines neuroscience with holistic health coaching techniques. Thanks again for being an inspiration and getting your message out to the world.”*

~Alison, Seattle

“What started as a journey about my struggles with food and emotional eating went far beyond what I expected. Ellen helped me see that everything I needed to live the life I wanted was right here within me. I just needed to clear some barriers in my mind—barriers that had built up over time. With Ellen’s coaching and the tools she provided, I learned how to see through my own mind. This changed my life. I am now enabled and empowered on a daily, moment-by-moment basis to see clearly what triggers my struggles and how I can move past them. I am no longer preoccupied with food or turning to it to soothe emotions I used to avoid. I have the tools to go headlong into living my life.” *

~Jake, Oklahoma

“I’m sorry that you had the big struggle with emotional eating that you had, but what you have done with that struggle is such a gift. Your materials are brilliant, and they make so much sense. I feel like I am finally encountering something really comprehensive. I also appreciate how completely up to date you are with the research, and the degree of your passion.

I’ve spent so many years feeling resigned to the toll that emotional eating takes on my physical health and on my self-esteem. Today I am daring to feel hopeful.

Thank you so much for the time you so generously spent with me today! It was lovely to hear your voice, and to get to know you a little bit.” *

~Lynn, Canada

“Ellen, I’ve made tremendous progress – and I’m very grateful for your help in propelling me forward. Words fall short in my gratitude for all of your help! I feel like a new person – ready to put myself out there and go for what I want. With your help, I’ve reclaimed my life!!” *

~Amy, Illinois

“I thank you soooo much for your help. You are an amazing woman and a huge inspiration for the eating disorder battlers of the world. You are changing people all over the world. I will recommend you to anyone that I feel requires your expertise! Thanks again! *

~Kalina, Canada

Ellen, you have literally saved my life. You have taken me from the gutter and shown me there is a new way of living. I have never been happier. I had an epiphany during the night when I realized how strong I am thanks to you. I believe that continuing to get the tools, listening to your teleseminars and following your reading recommendations will insure I stay as strong as I am now. Thank you so very much!” *

~Deb, Iowa

Thank you again for everything…for all the great tools. I feel very fortunate to have known you. You have inspired me and have changed me and my life for the better. You are an amazing person and will never forget you. I wish you all the best.” *

~Rob, New York

“When I had almost given up on myself, my weight and my binge-eating, I found you. Thank goodness! Ellen, you provided me with real, applicable tools that I could use in my daily life. In all the time I worked with you, you were positive, patient, supportive and wise. You helped me course-correct when I was veering off into left field and always had practical, useful recommendations when I ran into roadblocks. More than anything, I felt you understood my emotional eating issues, never judged me and firmly believed in me. I am so grateful to you for all your help and genuinely feel sad that I won’t be speaking with you on a weekly basis, now that our work together is finished. Getting to speak with you was a gift for me – in more ways than you can know!

I thought you would like to know that I have lost 23 lbs. and, though my weight loss has slowed, I am feeling in tune with my body and content to let my weight settle where it naturally wants to.

I am so grateful to you for all your help, support, wisdom and encouragement. Thank you!!!! ” *


“Thank you for reading my post…I had no idea you would take the time to do so. I appreciate you showing personal interest in the posts. I have to say I’ve never visited such a comprehensive and well organized site. It is very professionally managed and I’m very impressed by the content.

It’s apparent to me that you’ve put your heart into this website by giving people like me access to the professionals and the latest information that’s out there. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for you. I was reaching the end of my ability to cope but now I feel a since of renewal and great possibility awaits me. It’s been a long, long time…” *

~Karen, Oklahoma; A Weigh Out Circle Member

“Ellen, my work with you was a game changer for me and has helped me immeasurably! I love the ‘it’s not about the food approach’ you have taught me and the toolkit you have helped me develop to not only overcome binge eating, but more importantly, to lead a more fulfilled, balanced life. Through our work together, I have learned that I am not defined by binge eating, and that although emotional eating has served me for many years as a coping mechanism for life’s up and downs, there IS a ‘weigh out’. I’m not perfect, and there are still days when I turn to food for comfort, but I am so much better equipped now to identify the root causes of WHY I am bingeing and deal with those head-on, rather than self-medicating with food. Thank you again for your infinite wisdom, and for helping me see the light after so many years of darkness.” *


“I struggled with many variations of an eating disorder since the age of 16 (I am now 44). Although traditional therapy and support groups were helpful, it wasn’t until I began working with Ellen that I made significant strides with my recovery and taking the steps necessary to release destructive thoughts and self defeating behaviors. I NEVER before connected with the fact that I was using food, compulsive exercising and obsession with my body as a way to:

  • Procrastinate
  • Relieve boredom
  • Tolerate uncomfortable feelings (mostly social anxiety)
  • Take time for myself after giving to others all day
  • Self Sooth and disconnect from the NOISE of life
  • And the list can go on and on…

My food and exercise rituals shrunk my world down to a size that I thought I could control. I hid behind this façade for most of my life. After all, isn’t it a woman’s badge of honor to be so ‘disciplined with her food and exercise?’

Ellen’s coaching and tools helped me tolerate uncomfortable thoughts and feelings so I can be effective navigating through my life. My life has changed COMPLETELY as result. I am no longer living out my old story as a diseased, powerless woman constantly in fear. I have written a new story as an empowered, free, positive, author/creator of a life which I am grateful to be living.

One of the most useful “aha” tools Ellen helped me uncover is a barometer I now use to determine how I am living. When I begin to restrict food choices and obsess over body weight my life becomes very small. However, when I consciously choose to identify what the REAL issue is, I take whatever action necessary, whether it’s changing my mind-set or completing the task I’m procrastinating on, my life expands! Where I used to be a recluse in my home, I now love to get out to explore, taste new experiences. I choose to “show up” for others and most important, for MYSELF!

Thank you Ellen!” *

~Denise, California

“Ellen, I have battled an obsession with food and food thoughts for over 37 years. I have tried a number of recovery programs and done years of therapy, all of which have given me valuable insight and helped me in many ways. Unfortunately, none of them changed my obsession with food. That all changed when I met you. My work with you has resulted in a binge free life! My obsession with food and food thoughts are gone. Completely gone!

Many of the tools that you shared with me were valuable and I use them every day. However, without a doubt, the self-hypnosis technique that you and I used is the tool that allowed me to let go of my binge eating. It was a miracle! After only two hours of using neuroscience to change my brain, the trauma that had been wired into my brain for five decades was rewired and my obsession with food was lifted and has not returned! The second two hour session, simply sealed the deal. I am binge free and I am so grateful.

Thank you!” *

~Amy, Chicago

“Hi Ellen,

I thank you for all the support and help your Membership provided me over the past year. I downloaded and printed all 52 Tools and put them in a notebook for future use, as well as helping me in the moment.

I learned new concepts and coping skills that I processed with my therapist.

I wouldn’t change a thing about your website and the online community support you provide. Thanks for your time and all you helped me with.” *

~Katherine, Illinois

“Ellen, I’m so pleased I finally made that first call and listened to your free phone seminar! I sensed then a woman who would influence me and help me grow as a person and that gave me the courage to join in coaching with you.

Prior to finding you I had explored some other avenues to address my issues and found them to either be very abstract or rigid and overly concerned with structure. In contrast, I’ve found your process to be both flexible and very practical with real tools to draw on in various situations.

I would describe your approach as a mixture of: real life experience, non-judgment, wisdom, science, psychology and intuition. The perfect marriage! In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how tailored the sessions were. I had anticipated it would be quite a linear path of materials being rolled out in a certain order. Instead you listened to where I was at in my process and responded accordingly with exercises you thought would be helpful at that point.

It also helped hugely to know that despite being a very successful and smart woman you had once also been at the depths of despair. That gave me much hope. You know firsthand the pain, the self-loathing and the despair that can be associated with being a binge eater. You don’t just speak from a place of intellect, you speak from a place of someone who’s truly walked the walk.

What I hadn’t realized when I started coaching is how much it would extend beyond the obvious issues (food and body stuff).

I believe your true work’s purpose is to help us fulfill our own unique potential, knowing that in doing so, other things will follow.

Thank you so much for helping me to work towards the goal of a mindful, engaged, vital, full, healthful life!” *

~Annette, New Zealand

“Finding Ellen and A Weigh Out online has been life changing for me. The Coaching I did with Ellen has been one of the best things I have done for myself. I have struggled with emotional eating since I was at least 16 years old. Working with Ellen helped me to become more insightful of my triggers to emotional eating and to develop tools to prevent emotional eating and to develop healthier habits. Not only have the tools helped me with emotional eating, but also they have helped me in my overall life, especially with work and how to manage stressful situations better that will prevent binge eating episodes. I truly thank Ellen for all she has taught me. I finally feel as though I am on the right path to recovery from emotional eating.” *


“I gained more than I expected from the website and tools. I have gained a more wholesome attitude towards my body and its impulses and new mindfulness. Thanks to you, Ellen, and this site, food has become my friend. It lights my way to my deepest self, and the journey of my life. to be more me and more in touch with my dreams for myself.” *


“Ellen’s program is the best thing I’ve come across to actually help the underlying feelings and emotions. It’s a wonderful program.” *

~Carole, Washington

“It’s a huge help to know there are a group of people who really understand your battles and challenges and that we have a safe place to share our ups and downs. I also agree that Ellen’s program is the best I have come across. It’s deals in science but also in the soul and that combination of practical and intuitive hits the nail on the head for me.” *

~Annette, New Zealand

“Ellen, Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. You are wonderful and the knowledge you’ve shared here has been truly a gift.” *

~Nina, Wisconsin

“Hi Ellen!

I think of you often. Just wanted to let you know that I am doing fantastic! No binges for over a year. No dieting and no weighing. I feel so liberated!! I can’t believe I lost so many years of my life with that crazy obsession. I feel like I have a normal and reasonable relationship with food and one of the best things is that I only have 1 size in my closet and it has been stable for over a year. I am accepting of my body and I actually appreciate it and see it in a completely different way. I can actually appreciate my own beauty now. I hope that doesn’t sound too conceited, but I really am so happy. I spread your message often. Thank you so much for guiding me to recovery!

Recovery is so worth the time and work it takes to get there!” *

In gratitude,

~YC, Washington

“I started working with Ellen and was really thinking there was no way on earth she was going to be able to help me. Ellen proved me wrong quickly. She was patient and non-judgmental, while also speaking to me in a straight-forward manner. My sessions were specific to my needs and how the tools Ellen has developed pertained to me and my life.

The way she approached me and worked with me made me feel comfortable and inspired like I had never felt in any of the weight loss programs I had tried in the past. Seriously, if I heard “If you’re hungry go take a walk instead of eating” one more time I knew I would scream. Ellen gave me practical, easy to use tools that helped me identify my issues and work through them instead of trying to forget them.

Not only that, she continuously introduced new and effective tools to me as I progressed. She helped me realize I was a woman who could achieve anything I want to in life, with a plan and a can-do attitude.

Thank you, Ellen, for all of your wisdom and expertise in helping move forward with my life. I am doing so well now and could never have done it without you.” *

~Anne, Texas

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me work through the deeper reasons behind my emotional eating and for giving me the tools that will help me in all avenues of life. I appreciate you very much!” *

~Marty, Canada

AudreyM“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE talking to you every week and have grown so much as a result of all you have taught me. I had no idea when we first began talking about my emotional eating, that it would lead to coaching in so many areas of my life.

You have given me so many skills. My family and I have benefited so greatly from your counsel.

You are a wonderful woman, a huge inspiration, and perfect at what you do.

Thank you again for your advice!” *

~Audrey, Maryland

“I enrolled in your program and love it!” *

~Lisa M, Albuquerque

“I continue to enjoy your website, blog, the tools, etc. It is always amazing how much you are in my head! *

~Lisa, Nashville

“I love the tools!Sharon K.

I’ve saved all the Empowerment Tools and can review my files when I need them.

You’re doing such important work!

I will never forget our frequent sessions while I was in DC and how critical they were to my recovery. You helped me hang on to my sanity and I will never really be able to repay you.

Keep up the fine work.” *

~Sharon, Texas

“Dear Ellen,

I wanted to take some time after we finished our coaching sessions, to be on my own before sharing my experience with you and A Weigh Out. I realized when we first spoke, and even more so now, that you brought a truly new way of dealing with eating into my life.

Dare I say you’ve developed a paradigm shift with A Weigh Out? Yes! The toolkit you provided is like nothing else I’ve ever been given in my 40-year struggles with body image, weight, and food. The tools truly are ‘emotional handrails’ that I use every day. And they work. Perhaps the greatest thing you shared with me is that the big bad FOOD demon I’ve been so overwhelmed by is just ‘a thought’; a food thought. It’s mine, I created it, and I can change it. Simple, yet so powerful. Thank you, Ellen for doing this work and giving me so much.” *

~Joanne, Connecticut

“I just want to say that I truly value our time together. I continue to learn and grow – you are great at what you do! Also, the tools on the website are spectacular.” *

~Lisa, Tennessee

Lucinda “You helped me change my life in such a profound way…

I’ve crossed some kind of barrier. I am no longer struggling with feeling stuck in certain areas of my life. Things are so great, and ideas, opportunities, possibilities are coming to me as you always said they would.

Thank you so much for being the catalyst for me to be a creator of the life I’ve always wanted. You provide real help, real guidance, real value in the work you do with people. I cannot say or express enough good things to you and about you.

Thank you a million times over.” *


Deborah M-Smaller “Thank you, thank you thank you, for giving me my life back!

If I only had the money I’ve wasted in my life on diet programs, diet pills, diet food and even liposuction surgery, I could probably pay cash for a new luxury car.  If only I had realized earlier that what I needed wasn’t a diet, or willpower. I’ve been on every diet imaginable and I’ve hated myself for years because I wasn’t able to keep weight off.  I finally realized that I needed help in a different way.

Working with Ellen taught me so much more than how to lose weight. What I thought was going to happen is not even close to my results. This program is a “Life Changer”! It is an incredible journey that has transformed the way I feel about myself, my life, and my unhealthy relationship with food.

Before this program, my blood pressure was through the roof, I was incredibly unhappy with my career, and I blamed my husband for sabotaging my diets and bevy of other things. I was afraid to actually face things in my life, feel things, and I used food whenever I wanted to escape.  Ellen provided me with the tools I needed to change all the unhealthy patterns in my life. By using these tools, I not only have a handle on binge eating, I am also in the present and enjoying my life, and I know how to handle all the things that have been weighing me down for so long.

I have made some bold steps towards changing careers, my blood pressure has been so low that I may be able to go off medication soon, and my marriage has improved because I’m not always nagging my husband.  I feel fantastic and during the process of just doing this work, I forgot about my weight and body image issues. The funny thing is that I noticed my clothes were a little loose and when I got on my scale I discovered that I’d been losing weight naturally without even a thought of a diet.

Ellen is one of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met. I consider her more than a coach, she’s a friend, and she knows exactly how you feel. I strongly recommend this program and I will use the tools I’ve learned for the rest of my life.” *

~Deborah, Colorado 

Meg“Things are going sooooo great! I really think things have started to all come together for me now. I feel so great and have actually lost my obsession with food. The other day I was walking down the hall at work and two women behind me were talking about what they were going to have for lunch and how they had been thinking about it all morning. And it hit me, I hadn’t given food a single thought…for days. Now that’s amazing!! Thank you so much for all your insights that helped me get to this point.”

(Update 3 months later)
“I am doing so well. It seems like so many things finally have come together for me and I have totally changed my relationship with food. It just isn’t as important as it used to be. I am just enjoying the new experience. I know I wouldn’t be here without your coaching and tools! I can’t ever express my profound gratitude!! And while I am absolutely not dieting or focusing on the scale I am actually losing quite a bit of weight. This is because when I actually let my body dictate what to eat I eat much healthier food and much less of it. My point in sharing about the weight loss is that it is working just as you said it would. I was somewhat doubtful but now have proof that when I eat this way my weight comes down naturally. I have no idea if I will lose more but I know that I will continue to eat in this new healthy way and that I have the tools to get back on track if I get briefly off along the way. Here’s to living in recovery! And here’s to YOU!!!!” *

(Update–11 months later)

“Hi Ellen, All of your tools are right on the money! I am continuing to do very well in my recovery.I am living a life free of obsession with food and feeling so fulfilled in many other ways. I just can’t ever thank you enough for helping me rediscover myself and my life. Thank you!!!!!” *

~Meg, Minnesota

“After embarking on my last of many diets, losing over 65 pounds and running a half marathon, I thought I had done it. This was it. I finally achieved success at losing weight and was a healthy, fit person. But, a year into maintaining that weight, I realized my struggle with food and emotional eating was still a very real part of my life. Slowly, the weight started to creep back on and my eating was getting out of control. Feeling lost and scared, I searched for help. That’s when I came across A Weigh Out and I am so thankful I did! I signed on for coaching sessions with Ellen and began to learn the tools I needed to cope with my emotional eating. Although I’m just starting my journey to recovery, I finally feel hopeful . I’ve spent so many years thinking that my issues with food would be a battle I would always have to fight. However, my coaching sessions with Ellen have shownme otherwise. I’m beginning to understand the meaning behind the food andI have skills available to break free from the emotional eating. Now, I can truly be a healthy and fit person from the inside out!” *

~Marisa, Pennsylvania

“Thanks so much for all of the one on one coaching. I was able to lose weight and achieve a major athletic goal. After years of searching, I was finally able to achieve goals while maintaining a balanced life.
Your approach is so effective and novel. I highly recommend your services to others.” *

~Dr. Dale

“Ellen, I have spent quite a bit of the afternoon reading through all of my A Weigh Out materials and wanted to just drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have brought into my life.  As I read what we have been working on, I am just amazed how spot on these things are for me.  It’s even more incredible since I have been seeking some way to address these issues for as long as I can remember and it’s such a relief to feel like I have finally found the tools that I need to address them.  Thank you!” *


“I attended the emotional eating teleconference this morning and wow does that make sense! I have suspected this for many years and just don’t know how to deal with it. Thank you Ellen for spending your time trying to help us! I am an office manager for an internal medicine practice for over 20 years and hear daily that we need to lose weight and exercise more, but mentally it is not that simple. So thank you for bringing this out in the open. I look forward to using the new tools I will learn.” *

~R.R., Florida

“Hello Ellen, Thank you so much for all of the information this morning. It’s hard to believe it was free! I’m looking forward to reading more.” *


“Choosing to work with Ellen has been the single most powerful catalyst for positive change that I have encountered. What began as a simple desire to control my unhealthy relationship with food soon transformed into an incredible quest in which I was able to discover my deepest, most authentic self and to learn to bridge the gap between the life I was living and the life I said I wanted. By doing this work I received the tools necessary to change unhealthy patterns, the wisdom and encouragement of someone who had walked a similar path, and the empowerment to become my bold, authentic and powerful self. Like a string of dominoes, once I began using these skills, it was impossible not to make positive change in all other areas of my life. I now know that you cannot change your emotional eating without developing an intensely deep love for your life, for living it, and for the beauty that is (and always has been) within you.” *

~Jo, Utah

“I used my mindfulness skills this morning — they work!! I went from feeling worried and having hunched shoulders to feeling calm and confident with my shoulders back.” *

~Julie, Minnesota

AudreyM“I thank God that he put me in touch with you. I have set clear intentions for the future and can see myself very clearly fulfilling those future goals. Big Big Hug to you! ” *

~Audrey, Maryland

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