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Ellen on the phone

Ellen Shuman
Emotional Eating Recovery Coach

Who will benefit most from booking an Emotional Eating Coaching Consult Call?

Are you curious about whether Coaching with me could bring you the relief from emotional eating you so desperately want?

Are you wondering if I can actually help you… and, if you’re ready to do this work? Let’s discover that together.

Schedule a free phone call with me (typically, 30-45 minutes).

  • We’ll talk about what you’d like to change at this point in your life and about how it might feel to do so.
  • I’ll share what I know about what drives emotional eating and what I’ll do to help you overcome any personal blocks. So, you can achieve all of your goals.
  • We’ll discuss my approach, my investment in your success, your investment in both time and fees.
  • No pressure! If you feel assured that “I get it”, and we both feel I can help you achieve recovery and other life goals (it’s all connected to emotional overeating), we’ll make a plan. If not, I’ll wish you well.

I look forward to connecting!

The only thing I ask in exchange for my time is that you show up for the time I’m holding for you. Or, please let me know if you need to cancel. (My Confirmation Email will explain how to do that.)

If you don’t see a Scheduling Confirmation in your Inbox from, be sure to check your spam folder. Or, get in touch directly by emailing me at that same email address.

Please Note…
* Coaching, designed to help stop emotional and binge eating, is not therapy or counseling. Coaching is “skill training”.
These Consult Calls are to discuss your readiness for Coaching.

* If you are struggling with active Bulimia or Anorexia, please know those are not my areas of specialty. Therefore, I would not be an appropriate Coach for you.

* Healthcare Practitioners, please visit my Professional Training page for more information about Training or Consultation.