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How to Stop Binge Eating – My Approach

If someone could show you how to stop binge eating, what would you do? Would you consider Private Coaching tailored to fit your individual needs?

If you thought going on a diet, AGAIN, would free you from that painful cycle of binge eating and restricting, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You already know this is an excruciating way to live. My approach offers a way out of the self-defeating cycle of disordered eating, dieting, weight obsession…and shame.

Specifically, I’m here for people who are tired of emotional and/or binge eating, feeling out-of-control with food, and with living their life on the sidelines.

Every one of us who has lived with this problem, myself included, understands how all-consuming it can be. It can touch and mess up every aspect of our lives. Here’s how one of my clients expressed what she wants, instead.

“I’d like to live a life that is not encumbered by food and emotional overeating. I’d like to feel more ‘in my body’, and develop and sustain daily self-care that supports a richer, fuller, life.”

Together, we can make that happen! My specialty is working with people who habitually use food, food thoughts, dieting, and/or weight obsession to distract from any other thoughts, feelings, or everyday moments they’d rather not tolerate. Life-enhancing goals, like those my client expressed above, absolutely can come true! You can find hope, and joy, and a passion for living, again. The first step toward change is understanding the “Why?”.

“If I don’t want to be mindful, I can go mindless with all-consuming thoughts about food and how much I weigh”

For some people, going “mindless” is achieved by shifting all uncomfortable thoughts to food and body dissatisfaction thoughts, instead. This happens whenever they experience any intensity of thought or feeling they would rather avoid. For others, being food-focused is a backlash from years and years of food restricting. Some people are conscious of when and why they become food or body-focused. Others do so unconsciously. My approach to helping you change these distressing emotional habits covers it all.

A Weigh Out offers new tools and skills for mindful living and emotional regulation

I provide cutting edge and proven emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and mindfulness tools to people, no matter where they live in the world. My approach, my emphasis, is on healthy balanced living; on emotional, physical, nutritional, social, and spiritual health (if of interest). This work makes it possible for you to live your best life!

In this age of endless Zoom calls (not always secure), I continue to coach by phone, by design. My clients have told me they like phone sessions. They feel safer on the phone, less exposed, more willing to say what’s important to say. Most say knowing they will not be on camera makes them more willing to show up when they’ve had a tough week. So, I honor that. (For people without long distance phone coverage in the US, we can do an audio call on Skype.)

My Core Beliefs About Recovery from Emotional Overeating

  • Some people use “food thoughts”, food, and/or dieting behaviors to take care of emotional needs. When we fill our head with a food or diet thought, we temporarily push all other thoughts or feelings from our present consciousness. When we’re bored, stressed, angry or lonely, even when some of us get excited…to avoid the intensity of feeling, we might develop a habit of obsessing about food instead.
  • Emotional overeating happens on a continuum. At the far end of that continuum, this method of self-soothing can become a person’s primary coping strategy…a person’s only way to self-comfort and to regulate mood.
  • I recognize and respect the power of food when it is used as a coping strategy. It works…at least for a little while…then we feel like our best friend has betrayed us…and more food thoughts come with a vengeance.
  • I respect the resilience of people who have come to use food to take care of their emotional needs. They have likely made it through some pretty difficult emotional times, by having food at their side.
  • I understand that emotional eating and deprivation-driven eating impacts a person’s ability to live his or her life to the fullest and to achieve desired physical, emotional, nutritional, social, and if interested, spiritual health, as well. Lasting change occurs when the problem is approached with new insight and “self-care” in some or all of those arenas.
  • I honor the pain that results when this coping strategy seemingly takes on a life of its own…and robs a person of his/hers/theirs.
  • Diets don’t work for Emotional Eaters. Diets are about food restriction. Diets never address the core reasons why a person might be over using food… and often the deprivation that comes with dieting drives bingeing.
  • When an emotional eater goes on a diet, that’s like going to the doctor with a broken ankle and the doctor puts a band-aid on your nose. You’re still going to have the pain of the broken ankle and it’s not going to heal well.
  • Healthy people come in all shapes and sizes and an unhealthy pursuit of “thinness” is often a sign that something else is off balance.
  • I trust that, with support and new understanding, a person can come to view change as a relief…and as an attainable choice.
  • I know, from personal and professional experience, that working through the feelings that drive a person to overeat can be an amazing (and challenging) process…but, that this process is so worth it and nowhere near as painful as staying stuck in the problem.
  • I know it takes courage to seek and ask for help. And it’s so much easier to accomplish your goals when you have a skilled, non-judgmental partner, an Emotional Eating – Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Coach supporting you!

Change is a process. It begins when a person feels safe enough to start “trying on” new skills and experimenting with new behaviors, at whatever pace feels safest.

You Can Do It


For you, maybe relief begins with a greater understanding of why people over use food. If that feels safe to explore, begin by requesting my Free Guide and Weekly Empowerment Tips. 


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“What started as a journey about my struggles with food and emotional eating went far beyond what I expected. Ellen helped me see that everything I needed to live the life I wanted was right here within me. I just needed to clear some barriers in my mind—barriers that had built up over time. With Ellen’s coaching and the tools she provided, I learned how to see through my own mind. This changed my life. I am now enabled and empowered on a daily, moment-by-moment basis to see clearly what triggers my struggles and how I can move past them. I am no longer preoccupied with food or turning to it to soothe emotions I used to avoid. I have the tools to go headlong into living my life.” *
Jake from Oklahoma

A WEIGH OUT; Freedom from Emotional Eating, Food and Weigh Obsession is a paradigm designed  by Ellen Shuman, originally created when she was the director and program developer for the Acoria Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Cincinnati, Ohio (1993-2005), and expanded upon every year since. Today, her work as an Individual Coach is informed by the latest neuroscience, how the brain stores life experiences, how we develop emotional habits that drive overeating, and how we can use our brain and neuroplasticity to develop new much healthier and more satisfying emotional habits.

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"The #1 Reason Why People Feel Out-of-Control with Food!" + "Ellen's Weekly Empowerment Tips"