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You Can Be a Diet Survivor in 2012

As the New Year begins, there are countless articles, talk shows and interviews that focus on weight loss resolutions for 2012. As an Weigh Out member, you know that diets are not the solution. Still, as people around you talk up the latest weight loss plan, it can be challenging to stay true to your commitment not to diet. Our contributions this month are meant to help support you on your journey to honor your own appetite and overcome any temptations to join in the annual dieting ritual – that typically lasts about 6 weeks. (Remember, if it really worked, people wouldn’t make the same resolution year after year….) This article is based on the lessons from The Diet Survivor’s Handbook.

For your New Year’s resolution, promise yourself never to diet again.

How many times have you resolved to lose weight? This popular New Year’s resolution is made by millions of people at the start of each year. Diet companies seize upon this opportunity to promote their products and bombard the airwaves with commercials. With hope and determination, new diets are started and some pounds are shed. Yet within a month or two, these diets are broken for the vast majority of people, and weight is regained.

As a diet survivor, you now understand that the failure of diets is not your fault. You are learning that the shame you’ve experienced is familiar to practically all dieters because

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