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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

What Shapes Us?

The best predictor of weight gain is dieting, according to researchers. Does that hold true for you?  Do you weigh more now than before you started a long history of dieting?

What is it that makes so many of us so unhappy in this world, in our own bodies, that we become obsessed with changing our size and/or shape?

Are we erroneously blaming our bodies for all the inappropriate, uninformed, and sometimes just plain rude or mean things other people have said to us about our bodies?

We’ve been taught to believe that it’s not the people who made the comments who have done anything wrong. Instead, it’s our bodies that must be wrong…and to blame…because it’s our bodies that have caused the people in our lives to treat us badly.  It’s as if we’re blaming our bodies for all those rude and terrible things other people say and do.

Today, you get to stop blaming your body. You can take back your power. You can recognize that the negative messages came from elsewhere…or maybe you misinterpreted what was said to you, as was the case with Becky, the person whose story you’re about to read.

Today, you get to forgive your body. It didn’t do anything wrong! Then, you can choose to treat your body with more respect and self-care. That’s what Becky is doing!

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Here’s Becky Mollet’s Story

When I was a child I grew quickly – I was often told I was a “big” girl. I interpreted that to mean fat and fat in my family was looked upon as

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