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What Shapes Us? Chevese Turner’s Story


“What Shapes Us?” is a new feature in our Emotional and Binge Eating Blog; “Weigh This Instead!” Our first contributor is Chevese Turner, the woman who single handedly created The Binge Eating Disorder Association.  Here is her story.


As I sit here at the kitchen counter in my joyfully quiet home at 6:29 am two days before Christmas, I am reminded of the place my eating disorder has held in my life. Its purpose and protection. Its rebellion and focus. Its ability to somehow guide me here.

I am grateful.

As a young child, I could not express the emotions I felt about the highly charged situations surrounding me. I had no sense of who I was, where I belonged, or what to expect. I felt alone and abandoned as I shuffled between uncertainty and fear.

As a teen, I used the substances that surrounded me in order to escape, soothe, and medicate: food, alcohol, drugs, unhealthy relationships; the list goes on and on. I endured bullying, teasing, and low self-esteem and longed second-by-second for the flavors on my tongue that distracted me from the thoughts in my head.

In my early twenties,

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  1. Kathy Flores says

    Coming from a strong system of beliefs, have I ever heard “live your life
    from your heart”. That is thesoft approach. In my training, perhaps a very
    weak approach. My best friend just died. He touched my heart with his
    caring for others in so many ways. I think he is the closest thing I have come
    to really loving someone outside my own children that I’ve experienced in
    life. Now that he’s gone, I’m vigorously looking for that kind of love in
    other people and finding it expanded in those left behind who were
    previously not so close. To his credit, my life is better for his having been in
    it. I will never be the same. I am a better person and I’m receiving love from
    so many. It’s a new discovery. Amazing.

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