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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

What Happened?

Note from Ellen…So many emotional, compulsive, and binge eaters say they can make changes, shifts, for certain periods of time; healthy changes like increased exercise, more healthful eating, self-care practices, etc. But before long they always find themselves back sliding into old unhealthy habits and back into the food. So I asked our Circle Experts to share their experience with this common pattern? I asked what they find missing from these repetitive attempts to change behavior.

Here’s what Mary Boggiano, PhD, who studies the behavioral neuroscience of eating disorders and obesity, had to say:

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  1. Kathy Flores says

    I love the drowning rat story….I’m finding comfort from connections to
    people I care about, when I eat with them, I hardly feel like eating – their
    company excites something in my brain which takes away the focus on
    food and amazes me in its affect on my eating. Maybe my friends company
    is something I never appreciated as much as I do now. I’m making more of
    an effort to generate things to do with people. For most of my life, I never
    cared to be around people – I liked to read, play music, go to a movie,
    take solitary walks, crochet, bake, entertain. Now just casual connecting
    to a group or one-on-one with someone is full filling. And, I can still enjoy
    the other, solitary things. I’m happier living in the Midwest than in Calif,
    I’m happier in a small town, happier with the quality of people who share
    similar values. I’ve discovered hypnosis has an amazing effect. Now you
    have your beautiful science to inform me of the importance of the why of
    some of these things in my life that work or don’t. Thank you for your site.

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