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Wellness Not Weight–Still Hoping!

Can we focus on Wellness Not Weight?I just hung up from a very, very brief phone call from a woman who said she works for a company called R.J. Spencer Associates and was looking for a “weight loss company” for employees at General Electric’s Aircraft Engine division here in Cincinnati. I get these types of calls regularly.

So as to not waste anyone’s time, I immediately explained what we do; that we work with people who overeat due to, among other things, emotional overeating. I said, “We know traditional weight loss programs don’t work for, well, almost everyone!”

“OK. Thank you”, she said very nicely…and hung up without asking me a single question. This still surprises me…that people just don’t get it! Diets really don’t work! Really, they don’t!

I looked up her company..and then felt just a little bit better. Turns out they offer, “…employee discount buying booklet programs; at no cost to the fortune 500…”, so there’s no way to know if GE is even a client, maybe a perspective client, or if she was just looking to fill a brochure with something that says, “Weight Loss“, regardless of the approach.

I hope to live long enough to see companies who offer Employee Wellness programs focus on Wellness not weight…but I do wonder if this will happen in my lifetime…

What are you seeing at your places of work…any improvement or change in focus?

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