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Warning Everyone; “I’ve Gained Weight”

I attended a reunion of sorts this past weekend. A small group of us who many years ago traveled together to Africa made a plan to meet at a central point in Ohio.  With this group location has never mattered. The laughter never stops no matter where we happen to meet; Nairobi or Toledo, Ohio!

Some of us have gotten together in recent years, but one friend, Susan, had not joined us in about 8 years ago. Her work and family schedule had not allowed the travel. This time, she was coming and we were very excited!

In advance of our little get-together, Susan felt compelled to email the host of our gathering to tell her this.  “Don’t be shocked when you see me. I’ve changed a lot in 8 years. I have gained weight”.  To which our host replied back, “Who hasn’t? Can’t wait to see you!”

How many of us have considered or actually felt compelled to warn people about a weight gain…as if to say “I’m coming but there is something terribly wrong with me.  I’m not as worthy of your friendship as I used to be because I have gained weight,  and you should know that, in advance”.  Of course, mostly, we warn others hoping that

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