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Truth About Weight Loss Surgery and Weight Loss

weight loss surgery statisticsOver the years I’ve coached many people after they’d had weight loss surgery. They were seeking help from me because they continued to struggle with emotional or binge eating. Many had regained their pre-surgery weight, or were in the process of doing so, or they had never lost what they thought the surgery promised. All were feeling disappointed, some desperate, some were full of shame.

How could this be?  They’d taken this drastic, hopefully final, “this-will-finally-fix-everything” step, and they were still fat?  Now they blamed themselves for “failing” at this, too.  Nothing left to try? Now what?

Numerous times I’ve tried, with little success, to find solid statistics that might explain what I was seeing in my practice; that this was not their failure. This week Paul Ernsberger, PhD, whose is on the faculty of Case Western Reserve School of Medicine’s Department of Nutrition confirmed that data on regain after weight loss surgery are sparse and not reliable. Still, here’s what he says we do know. The truth is not pretty.

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