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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

The power of play

The women I see in my practice are devoted to resolving ALL issues related to body, food, and life.  They work so hard I feel dizzy.  

Imagination and play can be a powerful positive force to bring about change.  It can also add elements of fun and joy to the change process which can be a lifelong unfolding of curiosity, discovery, flexibility and choice.

I recently traveled to New York City.  Although I’m not unseasoned as a traveler I have rarely navigated the complexities of big city life.  I have spent most of my life in the Midwest suburbs.

After spending a long morning in an insulated, frigid, windowless room, I and my body were craving fresh air, a walk, food, and alone time.  I left the building without consultation and not knowing the area.  The weather was how I like it: sunny and warm.  I felt a smile on my face and in my body.  I began to walk, paying close attention to

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  1. We’ll see how things go when I get back. I’d utmitalely like to go for 30 days eating 100% primal, as I’ve read plenty of suggestions that doing that is a good way of killing sugar cravings and the like. I’ve also been doing some interesting reading about the kinds of reactions different foods cause (hmm, sounds like a good post topic ), so I’ll be doing a bit of experimenting after that

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