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“The Biggest Loser”; A Challenge!

I know people love NBC’s weight loss challenge, “The Biggest Loser“. I’ve heard people say they find the show motivating. I have to to honest. I dislike it intensely! I hate the title…even if you win you’re a “loser”. I hate the expectations it sets up…the weekly weight losses on these kinds of shows are insanely unhealthy. Recently a male client of mine lost 10 pounds in a month, eating and exercising healthfully. Still, he felt very disappointed in himself…he pointed to the show as evidence that he “should” have lost more.

Last week, on one of my professional list servs (Academy for Eating Disorders), a physician wrote about his very strong concerns about “The Biggest Loser”.  Dr. Edward P. Tyson, MD, is a doctor in Austin, Texas, who specializes in treating people with eating disorders. Here’s what he wrote (reprinted with his permission).

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