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The Art of Dress

Have you ever reflected on what clothes and dressing mean to you?

What motivates you to wear what you wear?

Why you avoid wearing particular styles, colors or patterns?

How different clothes inspire different movements, moods, feelings or states?

Have you ever considered bending or even eliminating the limitations or rules about what is appropriate (or not appropriate)?

My daughter’s relationships with clothes emerged at a very young age: around two years old. She would mix and match patterns, colors, sets of outfits, socks and clothes. At one point she refused to wear anything that matched, including socks. I watched her with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

I often received comments and sometimes complaints about what she wore. I remember hearing things like: “Why do you let her dress like that?” or “You let her out of the house like that?”

“Was I acting as an irresponsible mommy allowing my daughter too much freedom and control,” I asked myself many times.

I reflected on these comments as I observed my daughter’s process. Clothes were an expression of creativity for her. She explored herself and the world through her clothing. It was a pleasure

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  1. I never thought of clothing like an art project…maybe as a hobby. Everyone has different taste in art and we don’t generally judge them by their taste in art as we would there body or their clothing….I like thinking of the uniqueness of it for each and every person – God’s creations are each unique in and of themselves!

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