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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

“Sometimes I Binge Because I Just Want to Go Away”

“Life feels hard at times. Sometimes I just want to go away.”

I hear this from coaching clients all the time . I heard it from two people this afternoon, alone.

Most people, when they first begin to work with me, believe their problem is mostly about food.  Some poeple ask, “Is it possible I have a food addiction?”.  I explain that

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  1. audrey macknight says

    ellen, I can relate to your client who wore braces on her teeth when she was young. binge eatingis like that.. it hurts more after you stop eating.. one of my husbands favorite expressions about smoking was that “it’s like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, it feels good when you stop” this is true for binge eating as well!!

  2. So true…and if you have a period where you stop bingeing, and then start again…if your body is anything like mine, you pay for it! It’s like my body screams, “You can’t treat me this way anymore. I’m not going to tolerate this kind of abuse anymore, I’ll show you!” And it does!!!!

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