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Shame; A Response to a Member’s Question

Question from a Circle Member:

“One of the challenges I find myself facing lately is shame.  I have dropped the scale, weighing and measuring (unless it is for a recipe) and counting the calories from my repertoire.  I am doing my best to focus on hunger queues.  I recognize there are times that I eat to work through emotions and I am on a constant learning cycle to lessen those eating times.  While I can look back and recognize I have come far in my mindfulness there are still plenty of moments where I am choosing food when I am not hungry.  As a result I am finding my early mornings very difficult. I wake up before the alarm and lie in bed thinking negative thoughts about myself and the choices I have made to soothe my emotions through food. Ultimately I would like to just fall back to sleep but I find my head uses this time to berate and shame myself for choices I made the day before or choices I’ve been making for the last week/month so on.  I definitely don’t want to continue this pattern- any thoughts on how to diminish the negativity?”   

Response from A Weigh Out Circle Contributors-The Diet Survivor Sisters:

The antidote to shame is

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  1. I have this challenge too. Great suggestions! It never occured to me that I might be hard on myself as a way to distract from some other issue. I’m going to watch for that next time.

    One thing that has worked for me is to think back over the day and name everything I can be grateful for. Focusing on the positive vs. the negative helps me get calm and then hopefully fall back to sleep!

  2. I’m so honored- my question was answered by the diet survivor sisters- too cool!

  3. This too is a issue I still face. Once again even though I did not think to formulate the question you have answered a nagging in my mind. Thank you Rachel for asking the question. I too have come a long way, but soothing with food is still a part of me – but not seeing that part as “bad” and remembering all the progress is a good thought. I am learning to stop beating myself up :). Thanks again for sharing.

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