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Shame; A Response to a Member’s Question

Question from a Circle Member:

“One of the challenges I find myself facing lately is shame.  I have dropped the scale, weighing and measuring (unless it is for a recipe) and counting the calories from my repertoire.  I am doing my best to focus on hunger queues.  I recognize there are times that I eat to work through emotions and I am on a constant learning cycle to lessen those eating times.  While I can look back and recognize I have come far in my mindfulness there are still plenty of moments where I am choosing food when I am not hungry.  As a result I am finding my early mornings very difficult. I wake up before the alarm and lie in bed thinking negative thoughts about myself and the choices I have made to soothe my emotions through food. Ultimately I would like to just fall back to sleep but I find my head uses this time to berate and shame myself for choices I made the day before or choices I’ve been making for the last week/month so on.  I definitely don’t want to continue this pattern- any thoughts on how to diminish the negativity?”   

Response from A Weigh Out Circle Contributors-The Diet Survivor Sisters:

The antidote to shame is

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