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Raspberries or Donuts?: Revisiting Attuned Eating

As you work toward becoming an attuned eater, think about whether you are truly honoring your body’s cravings.  A friend of ours was explaining that even though she loves to have a dish of berries with a piece of toast in the morning, it was too expensive to keep buying fruit, especially since it can spoil so quickly.  Instead, she frequently grabbed a donut and coffee on her way to work, a match that felt okay to her, but not truly satisfying.  We reminded her that it is as off to eat a donut when she craves fruit as it is to eat fruit when she craves a donut!

If our friend were also a member on one of our groups, we’d go further in trying to solve this issue.  First, can she try to buy the berries when they go on sale?  Is there another, less expensive fruit that would feel “good enough” as a match.  Would using a berry jam give enough of the flavor and texture? How about buying frozen berries? She might also consider

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