Freedom from Emotional Eating, Food & Weight Obsession

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Trying to stop emotional eating on your own is Exhausting! I’ll teach you new & better ways to self-soothe, so you can get your life back.

Ellen Shuman

Emotional Eating Recovery Coach

If you’re struggling with emotional or binge eating, simplistic advice like “take a walk around the block” just won’t cut it! What you actually need to feel better are Emotional Handrails, a whole new set of healthier, empowering emotional habits (brain-based tools), that you can begin to count on, instead of leaning on food!


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With the right support, you can do this!

I get it, personally and professionally! I know that desperation…that voice in your head that sometimes whispers and sometimes screams that you have no choice but to use food to “numb out”. In that moment, you feel driven to distract from any thought, mood, or responsibility you’d rather avoid.

Plus, I’ve worked in this field for 30 years, as a researcher, director of a Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Center, as a past President of the Binge Eating Disorder Association; BEDA (recently merged with NEDA). My favorite role of all has been “Recovery Coach” (since 1997).

With all those experiences combined, I bring a unique depth of understanding, empathy, proven and cutting edge tools to those I Coach. I can show you, once and for all, how to find your hope again.

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What My Clients Are Saying

Thanks so much Ellen. I have learned a lot from you and feel you are one of the few people (maybe the only one?) who really understands what’s going on with Binge Eating. Or more importantly, what’s going on with all the emotional things lurking beneath the surface driving it.
Angela R. in Illinois
Dare I say you’ve developed a paradigm shift with A Weigh Out? Yes! The toolkit you provided is like nothing else I’ve ever been given in my 40-year struggles with body image, weight, and food. The tools truly are ‘emotional handrails’ that I use every day. And they work. Perhaps the greatest thing you shared with me is that the big bad FOOD demon I’ve been so overwhelmed by is just ‘a thought’; a food thought. It’s mine, I created it, and I can change it. Simple, yet so powerful. Thank you, Ellen for doing this work and giving me so much.
My experience with Ellen Shuman and A Weigh Out has been nothing less than phenomenal. For years, I was on a quest for freedom from binge eating and all the problems that come with it. I read books, participated in coaching sessions, watched online videos, etc., with no success. I seriously thought that I should resign myself to accept a life of constant struggle with food, weight, and body image. Something inside me still wanted to fight that dragon, and I knew there had to be a better way to live. I reluctantly searched online, yet again, and I thank God that I did because I found A Weigh Out and Ellen Shuman. The positive impact on my life is immeasurable. I could write for days about the freedom I have found, but I will simply say: trust this process. It truly is A Weigh Out.
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What becomes possible if you could stop obsessing about food, weight, and body dissatisfaction?

When you have “Emotional Handrails”, healthier ways to manage and shift uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, food loses its power over you and you get to start dreaming again.

It is so much easier to do this work with a skilled partner to guide you. Consider taking one step toward creating a more fulfilling and joyful life.