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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

More Isolated or More Connected?

“Does it serve to make you feel more isolated or more connected with all of life?” ~Laurence Boldt, The Tao of Abundance

We begin dieting because we believe it will make us happier, more attractive, more full of joy–more connected with all of life. We spend hours, days, months, even years, trying to reach and hold onto that magic number.

When we reach that magic number, for three minutes, three months, or maybe even three years, we are still focused on calories and weight, desperate to maintain the weight loss.

How connected with all of life are we in these moments of trying to lose weight, of trying to maintain lost weight? If we take a close look, we realize that this desperate focus on calories and weight

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  1. Meg Spangler says

    Wow, that’s a powerful message. Every example hits home for me. And when I’m so busy thinking about all those other things how can I possibly find satisfaction in the food I do choose? This explains why I can go home from eating a meal out and still feel unsatisfied and binge. Thank you for the insights!

  2. Rachel Becker says

    I never even noticed that till I read your blog! I am working on getting rid of negative thoughts- there are so many negative thoughts that food is bringing to me. Thank you for these beneficial words.

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