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“Mike & Molly”;Can it be a funny love story without relying on fat jokes?

CBS just premiered a new fall sitcom called “Mike & Molly”. It appears to be the beginning of a love story between two people who meet at an Overeaters Anonymous Meeting (not like any OA meeting I ever attended in my early recovery days. No one ever clapped for weight loss at OA–that was reserved for Weight Watchers meetings!).

After watching the pilot, we know the show is heavily weighted with fat jokes. In one scene, while trying to flirt with Molly after a meeting, Mike leans on a table, it collapse under his weight and he dislocates a finger. Funny, huh!  (There were so many fat jokes the website has actually started a weekly feature called the “Mike & Molly Fat Joke Tracker“. The website says it will list all the “tasteless disses…” made on each week’s show.)

At this point in size-ism history, is it possible to create a funny TV love story between two people who are fat and not have it be all about being fat? The two lead actors/main characters are very appealing! I liked them right away. It’s wonderful to finally see actress Melissa McCarthy in a lead role. For years she’s played the best friend sidekick (“Gilmore Girls”, “Samantha Who)”. What are the chances this CBS show will rise above the sophomoric humor and fat prejudice and still be a hit? My guess, slim to none (oops, does that sound like a fat joke)?

I hope the show’s creators prove me wrong! Please, prove me wrong!

Watch the pilot episode of “Mike & Molly” at . New episodes, for as long as the show lasts, are on Monday at 9:30pm/8:30 (c).

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