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“Mike and Molly” on Monday; The Last Word?

Coming up on this Monday night’s episode, it looks like the creators of the CBS show, “Mike and Molly” have found a sweet way to respond to Maura Kelly’s fat-bashing post on the Marie Claire Website.

In an exclusive interview with,  actor Billy Gardell, who pays Mike, has been quoted as saying, “It’s a very eloquently put thing that I get to say at the Thanksgiving speech that kind of says everything we feel”.

To read about the original controversy, read my first post about this debacle and for more about the backlash and apology, read my second post.

It’s funny. The “eating disorder professional” part of me knows I should look at Marie Claire blogger Maura Kelly with compassion. In her writing, we are so obviously seeing the sickness, the insideousness of the disease of anorexia (which she acknowledges).  Simultaneously, the wounded part of me who was ridiculed and judged much of my life, based on my size, only, is still enraged and hurt. That part of me wishes Kelly, and all of the non-anorexic fat-bashers in the world who have no excuse on which to blame their ignorance and meanness, would get a clue, a life, and some compassion.

Thank you to Rachel, one of our Circle Members, for alerting me about this Monday’s episode! I’ll be watching! I’ve become a fan of the show–now that the writers are moving away from all the fat jokes and allowing us to simply get to now the characters as people in the process of falling in love. “Mike and Molly” airs Monday night at 9:30/8:30C.

New: Listen to what Bill Gardell had to say on the subject when he appeared on “The Talk”.

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