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Love and Self-Esteem Come in All Sizes! Thank You Rachel Wiley!

I loved this video!

So honest, so raw, so common and familiar, Rachel Wiley so bravely and directly shares her insecurities. She and and her self-esteem triumph as a fat girl in a thin-obsessed, weight-stigma filled world, who just happens to be loved by a skinny boy.


“10 Honest Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy”


Ellen Shuman is a pioneer in the field of Binge Eating Disorder; a Life Coach who specializes in helping people overcome emotional eating, compulsive eating, binge eating disorder, and food addiction. She is the founder of A Weigh Out & Acoria Binge Eating Disorder Treatment (1993-present), A Founding Member and Past President of BEDA; The Binge Eating Disorder Association (2011/2012), and Co-Founder of the Academy for Eating Disorders Special Interest Group on “Health at Every Size”. For information about Coaching Services, contact ellen@aweighout.com, 513-321-4242.

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