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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

Just one of those weeks…

The stress just didn’t let up this week. Between computer issues (anyone else get stressed when facing those?), managing the care for my ill 79 year old Mom (she’s in Boston in a nursing home, I’m in Cincinnati–made seven trips so far in a year), trying to get Rowe Furniture to fix up a broken couch (1 year of working on this), and pushing Cincinnati Bell to fix a phone line (said they’ve been out of some phone wire they needed for 3 weeks?)…it was quite a week!

In the past, dealing with just one of those issues would have driven me to emotional eating. Instead, yesterday, I

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  1. David Hamilton says

    Great blog entry! I am going through very scarey and life changes things which have driven me to use the food. I now realize that when, as you put it “life happens” that I have tools of self care that allow me to move past the uges to binge and eat. To re-balance myself and then deal with the “stuff” that is happening! Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Coach; A Weigh Out says

    You’re very welcome, David! Sometimes, all it takes is a reminder and we shift back to mindfulness and self-care.

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