Weigh This Instead!

Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

I’ve done crazier things!


  1. Ha! And the funniest part of this cartoon is the title you gave it!!

  2. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Coach; A Weigh Out says

    It’s the truth!

  3. I picked up a lot of hbbaits and life skills from my parents when i was younger until i was able to find some for my own. I know with my parents, my mom and dad never supported me in the decisions i was making concerning drugs, alcohol, and being arrested. I knew when i was younger that my Dad smoked pot, and through out my life i would watch him drink which gave me a great justification later on when my addiction picked up. I believe though that even if i didn’t have those examples set in my life, my addiction still would have progressed, maybe not as fast as it did, but eventually i would have hit bottom.

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