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Is a Class Right for You?

I really enjoy visiting classes in which I can move, dance, play and exercise.  There are several things I notice during these classes that help me determine if I want to return to the class.

I like to feel welcomed by the teacher and the group.  I like to feel a sense of connection, warmth and positive energy in the room. I feel put off by talk about size and weight.  I want messages that help me to accept my body as she is rather than hear how my body is going to shrink if I can just push myself a bit longer and harder.  I definitely do not want to hear about my body becoming bathing suit ready!

I want a class without a dress code; I do not want to have to wash my hair and apply make-up to attend a class. If I happen to drop into a class during the work day I want to feel comfortable if my hair is done and my make-up is on.  I certainly don’t want to feel out of place in my well-worn movement clothes in a room where all of the women are decked out in expensive trendy attire!

Perhaps most of all, I want a teacher who can help me bring loving attention to my body; how my body feels and what she needs. I want her to give me room to adapt any movement, step or activity without judgment or amusement.  I want the freedom to explore my body. I like it when the teacher encourages me to close my eyes and go deeper into my relationship with my body and my movements.

I want the space to make discoveries that will facilitate connecting to my body’s beauty and strength.  I want to feel that the teacher knows that I need to trust my body and that my movement choices will be based on the messages I am sensing from my body.

I am wondering what is important for you and your body. Is a class setting right for you? What are you looking for and which classes feed you in the ways that you need. Did I mention that this is a dynamic question for me; my needs and desires vary and when I am keenly connected to myself what I am seeking is very clear for me.  Only you and your body really know what this means for you. Let your body have different experiences and notice how you feel and what she senses.

Most of all, have fun!


Robin Okun, LMSW, is a coach, therapist, speaker and Founder of Mindful Movement, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Learn more about Robin at

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