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I Will Not Be Thwarted by a Broken Microwave!

It was the first sign that something was wrong. The glass plate in my built-in microwave stopped rotating. On Tuesday this most critical cooking tool in my kitchen stopped working completely. Sounds funny, even to me, but I started to feel panicky.  How will I

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  1. Rachel Becker says

    Fascinating what is a challenge for some and not an issue for others. For me, in my house a broken microwave would be no big deal. I usually rarely use the microwave. The most common thing I use it for is to heat frozen vegetables. However that can be done just as easily on the stove. On the other hand I live off the microwave at work. I bring in 1/2 a dozen meals each week and just grab one at lunch without thinking. What would I do if the microwave broke there? I usually eat the microwaved lunches because I don’t want to venture into the cafeteria food- it always looks so inviting? Now you have me thinking- why don’t I allow myself the inviting foods? Don’t I trust myself? Hmmm… perhaps I should try a day or 2 without the microwave myself.

  2. Worth experimenting Rachel…and I’m pleased to say I have a new microwave AND survived the transition period…my stove and I became reaquainted

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