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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

I cannot hate myself for my choices & huge benefit from jeans that fit!

This post was written by Rachel; An A Weigh Out Circle Member…


Recently, I’ve been noticing many magazine articles on the effects of getting healthy.  People often write of their successes, or going down a size, their first 5k, or how they’ve learned to eat more veggies than before. Don’t get me wrong, not every article is about success but we often feel the urge to toot our horns for our healthful success. All of these succeses are fabulous! I am here to give big hugs and kisses and pats on the back to all of those people and their success stories!

However I live in another reality. In my reality, every day is not a healthy “success”. There are days where exercise plans are not met. Commitments to eat ‘only when hungry’ fall down the drain when the stress of a pending deadline, or a fight with my son, or a concern for my ailing mother send me to a chocolate trance-like state. After that experience I am fighting to remind myself I love myself, give myself a hug no matter what the choice is I made. I cannot HATE myself for my choices. I

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  1. Meg Spangler says

    Rachel thanks so much for sharing your story. What a great reminder that beating myself up won’t lead me in the direction I want to go and that treating myself with some love and compassion, even in my less-than-best choices sometimes, is the only way to regain balance.

  2. I can truly identify with your story Rachel – thanks so much for sharing it. The light bulb went on for me when you talked about being able to better focus on my true thoughts and feelings and not my squashed belly! I enjoyed your subtle sense of humor that showed thru in your article too! Thanks again for sharing.

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