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Hunger Waves

“You know when you are hungry because your body starts telling you, gently at first, then in no uncertain voice, that it needs food and needs it now.” ~ Geneen Roth

Hunger begins as a very quiet voice that slowly gets louder as needs go unmet. Unlike fullness, which steadily builds, hunger comes in waves, especially in the early stages.

These hunger waves make

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  1. Great article. The thing I am working on is recognizing physical hunger from other hunger. This “wave” tip will help me in the recognizing process. This week-end I was sick and didn’t feel like eating. When I woke up this morning I actually felt real physical hunger. All of these things are great reminders to be in the present and listen to our bodies. One of my prayers this week-end as I was laying in bed was to recognize true physical hunger. Your article was one more answer to prayer. Thanks.

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