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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

How Do I Learn to Trust Myself?

One of the things that strikes me when my clients walk through the door for the first time is how many of them think of themselves as untrustworthy. “If I’m left to my own devices, I would be lazy, binge all day, get nothing done, be mean or inappropriate with people, lose all my friends and my job…..” There is so often this sense that trusting their own heart, their own self, is tantamount to inviting disaster.

As we move along in therapy, one thing often becomes clear: for most of my clients, the problems began when they had to

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  1. Very encouraging article – oh so true – I realized so often I am trying to please others. Thanks for putting things into perspective – a reality I can grasp.

  2. Rachel Becker says

    Thoughtful article. I checked out the quizes on the Bodywise website- I am certainly one who puts too much emphasis on food (as the quiz inferred). I need to recognize that news as facts and leave it there and not use it as another tool to belittle myself!

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