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How do I learn to identify hunger?

The following response is an excerpt from The Diet Survivor’s Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care:

Honor your hunger. It’s you body’s natural way of telling you that it’s time to eat.

A baby cries to let someone know that he’s hungry. Her parent offers milk and she eats until satisfied, turning away to signal her satiation. Satisfaction is apparent by her smile and the relaxation of her body.

We’re all born with the innate ability to recognize when our body needs to be fed. Yet, over time, you may have lost touch with this basic signal. Perhaps as a child you were told it wasn’t time to eat, even though you were hungry. Or perhaps as a teenager, worried about being fat, you skipped meals even though your body signaled the need for food. Maybe as an adult you followed one of the numerous diet plans that moved you away from your body’s natural hunger toward external rules about when to eat. Regardless of how you lost touch, you’re now on the road to reconnecting with internal cues of hunger.

Your hunger is very important. If you ignore this signal, you

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