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Holiday Self-Care Strategies

“Feeling satisfied isn’t just about being full. It’s also about getting enough pleasure.”  ~David Spero

During the holidays, we may find ourselves wanting to use food after spending time – pleasant and unpleasant – with family or friends. If we are able to pause for a moment to reflect on our experience, we may find that, despite (or because of) being in the midst of family and friends, we felt alone or invisible. Or we may feel we were taken advantage of, or possibly even traumatized. Or maybe we had a wonderful time and crave more of that good feeling.

Just as tuning into our hunger and fullness signals and food preferences before and after eating helps us to know what’s needed and how much is enough, taking time to tune into our emotional needs and wants before and after holiday gatherings helps us to know what is needed and how much is enough to take care of ourselves during these gatherings. When we use this knowledge to create self-care strategies for the next get-together, we not only lessen our need to eat emotionally, but we also increase the likelihood that we will arrive home emotionally nourished and satisfied.

Invitation: Think back to the last time you

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