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Holiday Eating and Positive Self-Care

In December and January, we’re inundated with advice about how to eat healthy and how to prevent weight gain. Unfortunately, all of this advice just makes people more and more anxious about eating and actually enjoying the holidays.
“Bad” Advice
We live in a culture that normalizes the obsession with food, weight and dieting.  When the holiday season rolls around, the media – especially women’s magazines – gives advice to readers about what to eat, what not to eat, how to get thinner or how to avoid weight gain.  This advice is offered as the way to take good care of yourself, but it actually backfires on many levels.
For many people who are seeing family from out of town, there is anxiety about whether they’ll be seen as “too fat.”  All of these holiday articles about food and weight during this season just feed into that anxiety.  It’s a shame that the focus becomes on whether you’ll be thin enough to be acceptable, rather than on the pleasure of seeing your family.  Of course,

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  1. So true! I remember a visit to my mom not so long ago. I was a ‘good’ eater in public staying away from ‘bad’ foods. Then when I got back to my room I hid in my closet and ate a jar of Nutella!

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