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Political DO-NOT-CALL Lists; A Scam?

Do Not Call Me

Is it a Scam?

First, let me say that in all elections I vote by candidate, not by party. I vote for people who appear to be closest to my values and might have a shot at making a difference in a political system that, frankly, I think is a mess, if not broken.

Integrity is at the top of my list. I want to vote for candidates who don’t lie or manipulate the truth and assume we won’t notice. Is that too tall an order? This year, it seems to be; Democrat and Republican candidates alike.

That said, I’m angry and I’m having food thoughts. But instead of reaching for a cookie, I’m going to use my voice, right here and now.

It’s not OK to call my phone 10X a day and lie about it!

This year, for some unknown reason, the Democratic National Committee and the Obama camp have left my phone alone. But the Republican National Committee; the RNC, latched onto my phone number and will not let go. No matter what I try and I HAVE TRIED FIFTEEN TIMES, the calls keep coming, fast and furiously, as many as 10 calls a day.

I asked the RNC to stop interrupting my work sessions. My phone may not be used as a marketing tool by anyone, especially if it interferes with my ability to make a living.

Why is this a big deal to me? Because I coach people by phone, on sensitive issues. I purposely have ‘Call-Waiting’ on my coaching line so, when necessary, I can go long in a session and still know when my next client is calling in. And I have an ill mother. So I need to know when I’m receiving an emergency call from her nursing home. (I can’t turn this phone feature on and off, as needed. I tried…and shouldn’t have to do so because the RNC has no boundaries.)

RNC calls from “Trevor” and “Jenny” interrupt my work sessions all day long. On Friday, I was taping a phone seminar with an author and sure enough, I now have call-waiting beeps obliterating my guest’s voice on the seminar recording.

Early in this Presidential election (feels like it has been going on for years), I foolishly and wastefully, time wise, listened to entire messages that clogged up my voicemail, just so I could get a number to call to be placed on the RNC’s “DO-NOT-CALL” list. I tried following the RNC’s “Do-Not-Call” prompts. Sometimes “Press 1 to be added to our DO-NOT-CALL List” just led to disconnection. Other times I was able to leave my number on a voicemail, as instructed. When those attempts failed, I even called the main number for the RNC, asked for a live person, who promised my number would be removed immediately. The calls kept coming. I emailed and got an apology and a promise from “TEAM MITT”. The calls just keep on coming…six today, so far, and the night is still young.

I don’t think there is anything more I can do to get the calls to stop, as it appears all RNC roads lead to nowhere. But here’s a question. Does the respect or lack thereof that a party and its candidate show during a campaign, reflect how people will be treated once the candidate is in office? Does leave me wondering…

Have you been barraged by political calls…from either or both camps? How do you feel about  it? Should there be a law requiring politicians DO-NOT-CALL Lists to be legit?  Should there be a DO-NOT-CALL REGISTRY for them, just like the one other marketers must (are supposed to) abide by under penalty of law?


  1. I agree….RNC stop the phone calls…harassment and your Option 1 to be placed on the DNC list does not work!
    RNC…you have pissed me off more than you can possibly believe. If I voted Republican, it could be construed as an endorsement for your phone calls harassment….won’t happen….will not even consider voting Republic…based solely on the hundreds of phone calls.

    The good thing about today is that the election is over and so are the TV ads, mud slinging and all of those phone calls.

  2. What is the number to call the RNC to unsubscribe from these dang calls!??!!?

  3. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    From the RNC website:
    If you’d like to contact the RNC please email: ecampaign@gop.com

    Good luck, Jess!


  4. I have been harassed by the RNC every day for the last 2 months, one time I answered as I was waiting for a call, picked it up without looking, they asked for Steve, no sorry you have the wrong number. He then went on about I am not sure as I cut him off and told him to stop calling this number every day. And I slammed down the phone …1 hour the jerk called again.
    The number is 202-873-2678
    Stop calling!

  5. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    I know! I wish someone could figure out how to stop this!

  6. The RNC is calling from 202-892-1121……………….they only know how to say hello 3x

  7. bernard klocko says

    …These people calling on my ‘Land Line’ are very excessive, disturbing and most annoying. I’ve been requesting them to cease for the last year and they still keep calling. I believe it is Criminal at this point and harassment by communication. I’m 69 years old and the LL that they call is a ‘Dedicated Medical ICD Heart Monitor Comm Line’. I pray we can get together and ‘Rattle-the- HELL’ out of ‘Tele Marketers’ worse than what they are doing to us. Thank You! Semper Fi! Godspeed!! Bernard

  8. I’m a republican and am sick of my phone ringing several times a day seven days a week. How do I get that stopped.

  9. I’m dealing with it, too. After a lengthy argument with one rep….and I don’t normally even do that, but I was SO angry…she told me that there is NO WAY to stop the calls. Really????

  10. In the State of Colorado political calls are allowed, and you can’t put them on a no-call list.

  11. I normally vote for who I feel is the best candidate, not necessarily by party. One thing the hundreds of unwanted RNC calls has done; I no longer will vote for a Republican candidate, no matter what race, locally or nationally, is being contested. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  12. Somehow the RNC tied my father to my phone number. Not sure how. My republican father died in 2016 at age 99. I’ve told the caller the person they asked for is deceased. They apologized and said they would remove his number. I’m now getting a minimum of five calls on my home phone from the RNC.

  13. Just got a call from RNC at almost 9:00 at night, ughh! Make it stop! So disrespectful.

  14. Mary bishop says

    I get several calls a day on my landline from RNC. I just keep blocking. They call for all different numbers.

  15. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    I agree…and have no hope our US Senators and Representatives will do anything to stop these calls as they benefit from them.

  16. Nancy Petroske says

    If they don’t stop I’ll vote for Biden

  17. Anonymous says


    8 Riverside Dr
    Roswell, NM 88201
    (575) 623-3660

  18. Do you ever think that these calls are done on purpose and by the other party. Anyone can get a phone number with the initials RNC. The other party will do anything to get votes, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  19. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    What is this address you posted?

  20. Patricia Childress says

    I sent them an email telling them if they did not quit calling me I was going to change to Democrat. I don’t know why any of these people think calling people at home is acceptable. I had one who taped a pamphlet to my door. I sent an email that if he didn’t come and clean my door I wasn’t going to vote for him. Of course, he didn’t and I can’t remember his name.

  21. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    I don’t think so.

  22. They always ask for Christopher. That’s to get past do not call. Then they go on and on while I keep saying “take me off your list”. He finally stopped talking and said they would add me to the do not call. We’ll see

  23. Jim Miles says

    Has it occurred to anyone commenting here that these calls have nothing to do with the actual RNC? I too have received a maddening number of these calls, always showing “RNC” and a 202 area code; however, when googling the numbers, they show to be assigned to a number of individuals-all Sprint subscribers, all associated with other scam call lists.

  24. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    When I called the RNC they did not deny that they initiated the calls I received but said they could not stop them because they hire companies to make those calls on their behalf.

  25. Phone Anxiety says

    “I get several calls a day on my landline from RNC. I just keep blocking. They call for all different numbers.”

    Same here. I have phone anxiety, have blocked three different numbers with RNC ID and 202 area code.

    I need them to stop calling me, they are damaging my health, they call when I or my roomate is sleeping too, we sleep in afternoons. RNC needs to STOP CALLING ME!!!

  26. KATHY CABEEN says


  27. They are scam calls I talked to one and said my mom does not donate

  28. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    Someone told me that the “Do Not Call” List covers marketing calls but does not apply to political calls. Never took the time to research whether that was true but that made sense to me. Why would politicians pass a law that would not be in their best interest…even if the majority of their constituents wanted change?

  29. They are not political surveyors..they are mongrels , they don’t have a party affiliate!!
    these are scammers & frauders just like any other thief…and just like any other time!!
    whoever they are annoying f,,,,,kers..I dont give them the time of day.

  30. ex republican says

    what is wrong with these idiots no wonderthey are looseing everything the country is in turmoil and they are harrassing private citizens

  31. I can’t stand Donald Trump. He is full of hate, and has hurt our country. I want the emails to stop. I can’t even stand to see his name.

  32. We got called on landline Saturday and Sunday morning at 9. I have tried blocking the #’s but calls from different #’s all the time. I don’t understand how the registering for the Do No Call list even helps when my landline and cell phone constantly are being blown up by this BS phone #’s!!

  33. Suzanne Figueroa says

    They have annoyed me beyond belief for over 5 years that I’ve had this phone number. They do not respect my request that they remove my number, they do not respect their own “remove number” option on their phone number, they do not respect early mornings or later in the evening, nor do they respect when I hang up in their ear. With all this disrespect going on, I now keep one of those canned air horns by the phone. When RNC pops up on caller ID, I pick up the phone and let ’em have it. Doesn’t work – they call again, but I feel better.

  34. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    I agree!!!!

  35. Sharlene Pitman says

    I have had two area codes: 804 and 605. I have asked 6 times to be placed on the “do not call”, they rudely interrupt me and say “Placing you on the do not call list”. Four of the phone calls were back to back on two separate occasions. Aug 27th at 1:48PM, EDT and 2:03PM, EDT, the next on Aug 31st at 1:33PM, EDT, 1:37PM EDT. This last phone call I informed them I consider this harassment. I am making a spreadsheet. Next time I will report them to Telemarketing and Unwanted Mail, https://www.usa.gov › telemarketing AND I will publish my log on Facebook and Instagram.

  36. Exactly. I did submit a complaint regarding abusing the Do Not Call registry. Knew it would be in vein, This RNC in the ID is associated with politics thereby making them untouchable. These annoying numbers are from area code: 202 and the prefix 990 and 985.

  37. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    Unfortunately, it is in vein. As long as politicians use robocalls to promote themselves, I doubt we’ll get laws passed preventing or limiting them.

  38. My father passed in 1999. My elderly mother receives calls almost everyday from the RNC asking for my father. It’s emotionally devastating for her to have to deal with day in and day out. I called about a year ago asking that the number be removed, and I got an extremely rude woman on the phone who said she’d remove the number and hung up on me abruptly. The calls are still coming.

  39. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    Yes, sir…in my experience they’re rude and unrelenting!

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