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Political DO-NOT-CALL Lists; A Scam?

Do Not Call Me
Is it a Scam?

First, let me say that in all elections I vote by candidate, not by party. I vote for people who appear to be closest to my values and might have a shot at making a difference in a political system that, frankly, I think is a mess, if not broken.

Integrity is at the top of my list. I want to vote for candidates who don’t lie or manipulate the truth and assume we won’t notice. Is that too tall an order? This year, it seems to be; Democrat and Republican candidates alike.

That said, I’m angry and I’m having food thoughts. But instead of reaching for a cookie, I’m going to use my voice, right here and now.

It’s not OK to call my phone 10X a day and lie about it!

This year, for some unknown reason, the Democratic National Committee and the Obama camp have left my phone alone. But the Republican National Committee; the RNC, latched onto my phone number and will not let go. No matter what I try and I HAVE TRIED FIFTEEN TIMES, the calls keep coming, fast and furiously, as many as 10 calls a day.

I asked the RNC to stop interrupting my work sessions. My phone may not be used as a marketing tool by anyone, especially if it interferes with my ability to make a living.

Why is this a big deal to me? Because I coach people by phone, on sensitive issues. I purposely have ‘Call-Waiting’ on my coaching line so, when necessary, I can go long in a session and still know when my next client is calling in. And I have an ill mother. So I need to know when I’m receiving an emergency call from her nursing home. (I can’t turn this phone feature on and off, as needed. I tried…and shouldn’t have to do so because the RNC has no boundaries.)

RNC calls from “Trevor” and “Jenny” interrupt my work sessions all day long. On Friday, I was taping a phone seminar with an author and sure enough, I now have call-waiting beeps obliterating my guest’s voice on the seminar recording.

Early in this Presidential election (feels like it has been going on for years), I foolishly and wastefully, time wise, listened to entire messages that clogged up my voicemail, just so I could get a number to call to be placed on the RNC’s “DO-NOT-CALL” list. I tried following the RNC’s “Do-Not-Call” prompts. Sometimes “Press 1 to be added to our DO-NOT-CALL List” just led to disconnection. Other times I was able to leave my number on a voicemail, as instructed. When those attempts failed, I even called the main number for the RNC, asked for a live person, who promised my number would be removed immediately. The calls kept coming. I emailed and got an apology and a promise from “TEAM MITT”. The calls just keep on coming…six today, so far, and the night is still young.

I don’t think there is anything more I can do to get the calls to stop, as it appears all RNC roads lead to nowhere. But here’s a question. Does the respect or lack thereof that a party and its candidate show during a campaign, reflect how people will be treated once the candidate is in office? Does leave me wondering…

Have you been barraged by political calls…from either or both camps? How do you feel about  it? Should there be a law requiring politicians DO-NOT-CALL Lists to be legit?  Should there be a DO-NOT-CALL REGISTRY for them, just like the one other marketers must (are supposed to) abide by under penalty of law?

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