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HAES; “Health at Every Size” — Is it Permission to be Fat?

In a recent interview I was asked “How is the idea of “health at every size (HAES)” not just permission to be fat?” As a therapist working primarily with binge eating disorder (and one who is recovered), when I hear this question I being to hyperventilate, and want to scream from the rooftop while kicking something and burning diet books. Usually when this happens it means “Amy, go do some breathing and work on letting go” or “write a blog post”. So, here we go.

Actually, I can see completely how the question came to be. Given the culture in which we find ourselves, there can hardly be another possibility. The question is of course predicated on the notion that “thin is intrinsically better.” Frankly, nothing in medical or psychological research actually bears this out. Time and again, studies show that folks in the “overweight” category of BMI live longest.

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