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Growing Herbs in Containers

“Growing herbs in containers allows anyone the opportunity to grow plants”, preaches my good friend and colleague, Ron Wilson.  My mother, Mary Nader, of blessed memory, really was an advocate of growing herbs in containers.  In our tiny yard, mint was the only herb planted in the ground (and yes, it took over the lower portion of our backyard, and creeped into our neighbor’s grass). 

Her other herbs, like “hobbit” (basil), marjoram, and thyme were planted in an antique black cast iron wash kettle, commonly known in the old days as a “spider” because it had three legs to elevate the bowl of the kettle from the fire. I inherited that kettle and I, too, plant herbs in it much as she did.   To give credit where credit is due, I’ve learned everything I know about container gardening from my Mom and Ron Wilson.

Although I wouldn’t give up my herb garden, since I love digging in the dirt on my hands and knees, I have to agree with Ron that container gardening sure puts the odds in the gardener’s favor.  I’m not alone.  With the lack of space many homeowners face these days, container gardening allow everyone to have a kitchen garden, whether large or small.  As Ron points out, container gardening is also good for folks of limited physical capabilities. 

Here are Ron’s tips for successful container gardening:

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