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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

From Body Trauma to Goddess

Whenever I experience a body trauma my judgment body is quick to criticize me.  Boldly and loudly the voice shouts “HOW CAN A WOMAN WITH UNRESOLVED BODY ISSUES HELP ANOTHER; THIS IS THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.”

When my anxiety and fear pass I am able to connect to what I know is true.  My awareness and experience of these feelings facilitate a deep knowing that allows me to inform others. 

As a facilitator of healthier body awareness, image and connection I want to share my most recent body trauma with you now.  In so doing, my intention is to invite the possibility that while we aspire to the absence of negative body feelings it is perhaps more realistic to accept that they will arise.  When they arise we need the tools to manage them.

I embarked on a never-in-my lifetime opportunity for a big city shopping trip; a generous gift I was receiving.  I had been projecting the nature of this event for months.  My projections were actually a preoccupation with everything positive, good and fun.  I felt like a fairy princess or perhaps a modern day Cinderella dancing into the stores and dressing in the fashions of the day. 

That morning I woke with excitement and dressed in my best second hand and sale clothes.  We were ushered into the exclusive boutique by a gentleman in a fancy suit, offered drinks and invited to look around.  The garments were gorgeous;  beautiful fabrics, creatively constructed with lovely adornments of buttons, belts, ruffles and the like.

They looked like runway clothes for models.  You know the women about whom I refer…tall and barely there…or are they merely the photo-shopped images we are bombarded with in the media!

This was the easy part.

The sales consultant asked my size.  I noticed the “number-on-the scale” reaction I used to experience when I weighed myself 20 plus years ago.  Dreaded fear and embarrassment arose. My judgment body became activated as I put on the clothes they brought to me and had me stand on a platform with large mirrors and what felt like piercing lights from above as they all looked at me.  I scrutinized my reflection and could only see the body that had always been difficult for me to accept.  All of the judgment voices that emerged as a pre-teen were activated.  I began to lose touch with the love and acceptance of my body that I have worked to foster.  I quickly regressed to that insecure discouraged girl who struggled to live comfortably in her body.

Needless to say I did not purchase anything that day. 

I slept a sleepless night as I did my best to breathe my practice of connecting to pleasurable body sensation.  I allowed the grief and sadness to emerge.  I became aware of

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  1. Thanks for sharing your “real” story Robin! “Real” stories are so much more helpful to me than “perfect” ones :). Thanks for the reminder that even though old thought patterns can sneak in they are not there to stay – because that is truly not who we are any more. I can relate!

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