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Claiming the “Fat Self”

Claiming the “Fat Self” Quick, free associate: what are the words you think of when you think of “fat”? Make a list for a few moments, and then do the same for “thin.” When I give this task to audiences at workshops the resulting lists are pretty consistent. Fat: Ugly, depressed, needy, unhealthy, slow, lazy, …

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Body Image and Hunger

There is an interactive forum on the BodyPositive site that asks readers to finish the following sentences: 1. “If I let myself eat anything I want … ”     2. “If I could get as much power as I really want …”    3. “If I had all the sex I wanted … ”   …

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A Body Positive Column

I remember the first time it struck me that if cats embodied the joy of relaxing, dogs must embody the joy of moving. It was spring in Cambridge and along the banks of the Charles River, people and dogs were delighting in the long-overdue escape from winter’s inert darkness. The dogs were irrepressible, exuberant, dashing …

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Beyond Fen-Phen and Redux

(Please Note…I wrote this article BEFORE I was health-focused and weight-neutral. But it’s a glimpse into why diets don’t work for anyone, and especially for people who struggle with emotional eating.) A coworker and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate some changes in our lives that were well worth celebrating. I ate …

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Confessions of a Binge Eater

(Please Note…I wrote this article when I was still a working journalist, and BEFORE I was health-focused and weight-neutral. I’m including it here because it gives even more details about my own struggles and recovery from Binge Eating Disorder.) This was more than a craving for Chips Ahoy. Something was terribly wrong… Yes, it’s true. …

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