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Do You Waste Time Feeling Criticized!

How much of our time, talent, and gifts have we each wasted feeling criticized about our body shape, or size, or configuration…or even just worrying that others might possibly criticize us?

How much time would you say you waste each week feeling criticized?

Have you spent time desperately wishing we could look different; thinner, taller, longer legs, bigger or smaller breasts, straighter nose, older, younger, less hairy…you name a body part and we can be unhappy about it.

That’s why I loved this video and its message!

“The world needs more women who are willing to rock their bodies exactly the way God made them. Be that person…”  ~ Rachel Farnsworth

Listen as Rachel Farnsworth, the Stay at Home Chef and food blogger, responds to critical comments posted on her YouTube Channel.

Done feeling criticized for the body you have? Then, BE THAT PERSON!

What do you think? What, if anything, keeps you from embracing the body you have?


  1. Such an important message for us all to hear and live by! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wonderful! I just participated in a Korean Spa – they had several different pools and you don’t wear a suit. I was a bit nervous – but once I did it was very freeing. We all come in many shapes and sizes and that is okay. No one was or needed to be perfect. I truly enjoyed the conversations the group of ladies was having – that was what was important – communicating with each other – not about perceived imperfections!

  3. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out says

    Wow, Becky! i commend your courage…how freeing that must have been. i’m not sure I could have done that :-)…but hopefully some day…

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