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Fat Shaming for Sport & Views

As yet another mean-spirited fat shaming video (no doubt posted to get the vlogger attention) appears on YouTube, I found myself looking for uplifting articles and videos to help counter the hatred and cleanse my mind from such ignorance.  (I refuse to share links to videos containing poisonous drivel that spews every erroneous stereotype you’ve ever heard about people of size).

But it is with great pleasure that I share this YouTube video that was posted a few weeks ago and already has over 3 MILLION views. It brought me to tears! It’s an example of the creativity and good that’s happening to counter body stigma and hate. (As of ths writing, the fat shaming video only has 147,000 views–YES! That says something!)


Btw, the fat shaming vlogger disabled the comments below her video. Interesting! I’m guessing that’s because she didn’t like what people were saying about her and her stigma-filled rant!


I’m Ellen Shuman and nothing makes me see RED faster than Fat Shaming! I am a Coach who specializes in helping people overcome body dissatisfaction and shame, as well as emotional eating, compulsive eating, binge eating disorder, and food addiction. I am the founder of A Weigh Out Life Coaching (an end to emotional eating and weight obsession) & Acoria Binge Eating Disorder Treatment (1993-present), Past President of the Binge Eating Disorder Association (2011/2012), and Co-Founder of the Academy for Eating Disorders Special Interest Group on “Health at Every Size”. Ready to do some work on these issues? Get in touch!  ellen@aweighout.com, 513-321-4242.

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