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“Each day things are falling into place easier and easier. Coaching has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and now it’s time for me to step up. You are an awesome coach, thanks for your help in guiding me on this path.” *

~Dawn, New York

“I had an emotional eating problem for a very long time.

I knew I was doing it because I had issues but I was not sure exactly what those were. I felt helpless because I knew something was wrong but could not articulate where it was coming from. Consequently, I would go on a diet only to fail because emotional eating was impossible for me to conquer.

Ellen helped me to see exactly why I was overeating and how it manifested itself. Knowledge really is power. Becoming aware of my issues changed my emotional compass and steered me in the precise direction I needed to go in order to correct my abusive eating patterns. I am now in control of my eating which is something I’ve wanted for myself for years. Even bigger is that I am in control of my life and do not have the food thoughts that I used to have.

Ellen taught me the skills I need to ensure that I continue this corrected pattern. I am comfortable with myself, at peace, confident, educated and aware!!! This will serve me well for the rest of my life and I don’t believe I could have realized any of this if it weren’t for Ellen.

Thank you Ellen for this most amazing gift. It has been wonderful working with you.” *

~Shelly, South Carolina

“I learned a lot during our time together. Thank you so much for your wisdom, insight, commitment to my success, and passion for putting what you know out into the world.” *

~Martha, Georgia

“Ellen has given me back so many hours of my day and life. Now that I don’t spend time bingeing and self-loathing, I am creative, productive, and HAPPY! I feel a sense of freedom that eluded me for a good ten years. I no longer need food to self-soothe, something I used to think unimaginable. Ellen has given me all the tools I need to live a more meaningful life, something for which I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, Ellen, for committing your life to helping those of us who have nowhere else to turn.” *

~Jennifer, New York

“I would just like to thank you Ellen. You have been a blessing in my life and I have enjoyed our talks. I truly feel I have learned some life lessons along with skills I will continue to use in order to get to know my emotional self.” *

~Bre, Ontario

“Personal coaching with Ellen has helped me on several levels. When we first met by phone, I weighed 202 pounds, had a 39 inch waste, could not sleep at night and I felt overwhelmed on many levels. Today I weigh 160 pounds, I have a 31 inch waist, I sleep on average of 6 hours a night and feel in control of every aspect of my life. Though a series of phone coaching sessions, Ellen was able to analyze my issues and help me become aware of how I was interacting with people and situations. I have been able to help other people in my life with their situations because of my new ‘awareness’. My gratitude goes to Ellen.”


“Ellen, it has now been over 3 years. I read my ”greatful life” mantra every morning before I get out of bed. I carry a graditude stone in my pocket, first thing I put in my pocket in the morning and the last thing that I take out in the evening. I ask myself questions that you and I talked about on a daily basis. As a result, my weight remains at 160 and my times of over eating are really very minimal.” *

~Jay Gottlieb, DO, FAOCD, FOCOO, Dermatology/Facial Plastic Surgery

“The work I have done with Ellen Shuman over the past year has made an immeasurable difference in the way I view my life and conduct myself.

When we began our weekly phone sessions I was desperate to try anything to control my eating. I had been on every diet plan, weight loss system, 12-step programs, hypnosis… you name it, I had tried it. At 42 years of age, I was tired of it all, but knew there had to be something out there that would work. After reading an article in Oprah Magazine, that mentioned Ellen and “A Weigh Out”, I called in for the free one hour conference call. Ellen was speaking my language. The questions regarding whether or not I needed this program left me with a resounding YES! I realized that I needed to change my perception of and relationship with food. No easy task! There were worksheets, homework assignments, gratitude lists, paradigm shifts, and countless other tools that I needed to use in order to bring about the change that I would ultimately have to make.

The work took time and effort, but so did staying overweight. The energy I used to focus on food and diets was now being channeled into working on another, better way of looking at things. I learned that I had trained my mind to “go to food” in many situations where food was NOT the answer. This was neurological, but not irreversible. I also learned early on that there were levels of awareness. This allowed me to measure my progress without a scale.

I truly believe that I would not be where I am today without the help of Ellen and this wonderful program. Today I can look at my life, my choices, and my weight with a new perspective. It was never about losing weight with Ellen, it was about doing the work. The process. It was not easy to trust the process at first. For years, my focus was on a number- either on the scale or on my clothing. This time it was different, the focus was on me, and why I was making the choices I made. I was no longer a victim, but a well-equipped (with the many tools) participant in my life and a new respect for the way I treated my body.

I am so grateful to Ellen Shuman and the “Weigh Out” program for helping me change my perspective and my life. I know that she is only a phone call away, and there is always a well informed, caring voice on the other end pulling for me to live my best life!” *

~D. Lewis, Florida

I am NO LONGER an emotional eater! I was referred to Ellen by my mother, a former client who has had great success working with Ellen. I jumped at the opportunity to work with Ellen after seeing the result of her work. Ellen has helped me to find the root(s) of my emotional eating and with much guided practice has helped me to use the tools necessary to overcome it. While I am no longer a client, the ‘lessons of Ellen’ will continue to benefit me all the days of my life. Thanks, Ellen!” *

~P.M.K., Texas

“Ellen played a key role in my recovery from binge eating. Her strong believes that eating habits have an emotional side are true. Ellen, being very insightful, helped me to become aware of the issues that were hampering me from making a lasting change. She helped me believe that old habits can be changed for good and that everything depends on my own motivation and desire to change. I feel that Ellen is very invested in my success.” *

~Alex, New York

“Thank you, Ellen, for your wisdom and insight and for the great work you are doing to help people like me! The weight loss is very nice, but even better is that almost every day, at the end of the day, I have found myself saying “I have no regrets about today”. That is huge, after beating myself up so many times about eating. I am truly feeling that I have made a permanent life change.” *

~Balinda, Florida

“I stumbled onto a podcast with Ellen while looking around on I woke up this particular morning with the realization that I had lived many more years with my eating disorder than without it and I was so discouraged. After I listened to the podcast, I went to Ellen’s website and signed up for her free telephone seminar. I almost skipped it, but felt something tugging me in. When I signed up for your free telephone seminar, I thought that

1) nothing is free and 2) I was beyond help. I was wrong.

Your seminar was free and your approach was absolutely no-obligation. And, more importantly, I had a glimmer of hope that you could help me. (Do you remember how angry I was at everybody around me when we started?!?)

Fast forward to today and following 6 sessions with Ellen. I do not give a second thought to food unless I happen to be hungry. Then, I figure out what I want to eat and eat it with complete freedom. I go to parties and social events and don’t worry about whether or not there will be something I am “allowed” to eat at the event. Everyone comments on how great I look and wants to know what I’m doing. But the fact is, I haven’t lost any weight! And get this, I don’t care!! I am part of a group of women who post on a private blog. These women have never seen me in person and even they are asking me what I’ve done to change. I feel so good in my own skin, in my own body. I can look in the mirror with appreciation. I am grateful for my body and all it gives to me and does for me. For the first time in my life, I love myself exactly as I am and I have peace.

One of the most valuable and unexpected outcomes in this journey with Ellen is the creativity that has come to me. My mind is clutter-free. I don’t have obsessive thoughts around food and weight and body image anymore, and this has freed me to use my imagination, to be happy, to be more loving and kind, to appreciate my friends and family. I am finally at peace.

I had a long and difficult job interview last week and the interviewer kept tossing hypothetical problems at me. With each problem, I gave hypothetical solutions by thinking them through using Ellen’s tools of recovery. The interviewer actually asked me how I was able to come up with the solutions so quickly and told me how impressed he was with my problem-solving abilities. I told him that I had been working with a coach to overcome some obstacles and that my coach had taught me these valuable skills. Needless to say, I got the job. (I turned it down because it wasn’t in alignment with my new goals. Wow!)

Ellen, thank you so much. I want you to know how much you have helped me. I never thought it possible.” *

With much love and gratitude,

~Gwen, Texas

“I was desperate to break the diet and benging cycle which had help me in its grip since I was a child. I never thought that I could ever make peace with food, and through my work with Ellen, I feel like I am finally able to eat like a ‘normal person’ without all the focus on body size, dieting, losing and gaining weight, etc., It’s been an enlightening and satisfying journey!” *

~Patricia, PA

“Dear Ellen,

I’ve learned by participating in one-on-one coaching and more recently your group conference call complementing the Eckard Tolle book series on Oprah. I had a major life breakthrough during the course of our ten weeks regarding my obsessive habit of worrying.

I’ve learned to stay focused on the moment at hand and, as needed, how to bring myself back to the present moment. I learned that my worry and regrets were either in the future or the past in most cases, therefore by focusing on the moment my tension has eased.

Thank you for guiding me on the journey to self awareness. I’m forever grateful.” *

~Ann in Florida

“Working with Ellen in one-on-one telephone coaching has been life changing for me. She has provided me with the tools to help me “stay connected” in my daily life; and not to “disconnect” with food, food thoughts, or other compulsive behaviors. Before working with Ellen, I had no idea that is what I was doing. I have lost weight, but more importantly, I have found myself. It is so “freeing” to not be on a diet anymore.

Our work to address my 35 years of compulsive behavior has been challenging, but well worth it. I am continually amazed at how Ellen relates to all my “issues”, and how she has provided me new insights to allow me to see my way through them. I would recommend Ellen to anyone dealing with emotional eating.

In addition, Ellen has helped me set and achieve my personal and professional goals. Although we have not met in person, I truly feel I have found a life long friend.

Thank you, Ellen. I will always be grateful. ” *

~Jon, Michigan

“I came across A Weigh Out purely by chance. I was reading the Oprah magazine and there was a great article on binge eating that I identified with. I saw Ellen’s name and immediately looked it up on the web. I was thrilled to see all that was offered and how perfectly it was matched for me.

In the time Ellen and I spent together I was able to zone in on where I was having trouble. With her gentle guidance I was able to develop tools to help me through the times that lead me to binge. The most interesting part for me was that while I was honing in on these tools for the purposes of my eating concerns, it actually started affecting all aspects of my life. I was more in control at work and I was spending less money of frivolous items – both of which were becoming concerns for me. Ellen has tools to help in every tough situation you come up against and by using these tools they no longer seem so tough. It was the best time and money I’ve ever spent! ” *

~Christine, Salt Lake City

“Working with Ellen has been an amazing experience. This is for anyone who has tried every diet program (like myself!!) and failed. The skills I have learned from Ellen I use every day and will continue to use them for the rest of my life.

It is a life changing experience!!!” *

~Denise, Chicago

Ellen Shuman and A Weigh Out provide a special service in helping you discover what your emotions do to drive you to eat. If you are looking for a quick fix or easy way to stop eating, this is not the place to find it (it doesn’t exist!) However if you want to explore and learn what emotions are driving your hunger and then learn how to deal with those feelings effectively without food, A Weigh Out is your starting point. More than a month after completing my sessions with Ellen I feel that I gained the valuable tools I need to face my emotions effectively and deal with issues in my life in more successful ways than eating to cope with them. ” *

~Rachel, Utah

Ellen Shuman made a huge difference in my work to understand and overcome the binge eating disorder I’ve struggled with for most of my life. She was an amazing teacher, role model and support. She taught me specific tools to work with then checked in with me to discuss what worked and what didn’t. I felt I could share my successes as well as my failures with and she was never, ever judgmental, always eager to teach me something new, to try something different.

She was personally present in our conversations, sharing relevant bits of her life and experience to help me feel that I was not alone. While we focused mainly on eating issues, Ellen always worked with me as a whole person. When I was ready to talk less about food and more about the other things in my life I wanted to accomplish, she was a real support there as well. I can’t say enough good things about her. “*

~K.W., California

“I had just begun working with Ellen when Oprah’s Webcast for A New Earth was announced. Ellen offered to host a telephone book club to help us understand the book and use Eckhart Tolle’s ideas to cope with our emotional eating. It was informative and inspiring to share my thoughts, fears, and hopes with others who have a similar relationship with food.

Ellen guided us through the chapters each week and we were able to use Tolles’ message to understand our behaviors and to begin to change them. It was great to share our spiritual awakening with each other. The book is complicated and I would never have been as successful understanding it without the support of the group. I was pleasantly surprised that A New Earth was so useful in many areas of my life. Thanks Ellen, I look forward to the next book club “*

~KH, Cincinnati

Ellen’s A New Earth telephone group was an enlightening experience for me. Having this opportunity helped me relate Eckhart Tolle’s concepts specifically to emotional eating. These concepts enhance the mindfulness skills and tools that I learned through coaching sessions with Ellen. I especially enjoyed the comradery that I felt between everyone on the telephone. It was a networking of people working toward a common goal and an extremely positive experience. “*

~N.B., Wisconsin

“I so appreciated the New Earth phone group that Ellen formed, it helped to bring the ideas of the book to life for me. It was great to hear how the other participants were using Eckhart Tolle’s techniques and melding them with the tools learned in Ellen’s coaching. I feel an awakening slowly blooming in my world, it grows a little faster when I share it with others. I miss Ellen and the group and hope that we will continue in the fall. “*

~Adele, Ontario, Canada

“Ellen, Thank you again for an amazing session this morning. I am astounded by how all of “my baggage” is tied together. I think you just may have saved my life (and my sanity) after years and years of searching for answers. “*

~K.K., Ohio

“A Weigh Out is one of the best tools available for dealing with binge eating disorder. Ellen helped me to get in touch with my own thoughts and feelings, and learn how to change some of the more negative ones. She provided me with effective strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression – the root causes of my overeating.

It was nice to speak with someone who had once been an overeater. I felt like Ellen really understood what I was going through. She was sympathetic and non-judgmental. I enjoyed my one-on-one conversations with Ellen because the focus was on me – unlike other programs that I have tried. I would recommend A Weigh Out to anyone who is struggling with overeating. Healing is possible through this program. “*

~Lana, Chicago

“Dear Ellen,

What a relief to talk to someone who understood me so well. I felt so comfortable with you from the very beginning. I almost hated to reach a point where I could manage on my own, but I’m there! I really appreciated your endless listening, but also your ability to gently remind me of my thought patterns, goals and abilities. I really value our work together. I thank you for your interest in me, my family, and even my work in Africa.

This holiday season is such a relief! As you know, I have binged since childhood, and dieted and regained for over forty years. It is amazing to look forward to spending time with family and friends and not have a goal of either strict dieting or crazy overeating. Also, I don’t have to be the one to run all of the errands, just to be able to eat secretly. I’m so happy with how I feel (mentally and physically) that I’m not even tempted to have any food that I don’t feel that I can handle now.

Finally, at sixty one, I feel that my discipline with eating matches how I handle the rest of my life. I’m no longer an organized, sensible, sane person who has one very crazy “out of control” problem! Of course, I do realize that I have to continue to monitor my eating and thinking. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me, and for all that you do for others. “*

~Laura, Georgia

I am doing great and just wanted you to know that it all has so much to do with the skills you taught me. I just want to remind you that although my life is extremely busy, I think of you often as one of the best things that happened to me. Your coaching has helped me with food, family, work, and led me to the love of my life. My boyfriend proposed in June. We are enjoying being engaged and plan on marrying next year. Ellen, you make a difference in peoples’ lives. You are a gift.

With Gratitude! “*

~Sue, Florida

“I wish I could quantify the amount of energy I’ve spent over the last 25 years, looking for the ‘perfect’ diet. Having tried every diet, read every book, parted with significant amounts of money in the process, I’d come to the conclusion that I must have a character flaw. Until I found Ellen and I participated in the free phone in session and it resonated with me immediately. Though it was with some skepticism that I booked some one on one coaching. I’d had years of ‘failures’ under my belt and part of me felt that it would be inevitable that I’d have this to add to this list. So I promised myself this would be THE last attempt I’d try – and it has been ! For reasons I didn’t expect – that I can finally say – my search is over.

The one on one coaching has helped me identify why the desert cart held such allure and has provided me with skills and insights that have changed my life. I now feel empowered, and free to get on with living in harmony with food instead of at war with it ! “*

~Mel, London, England

“My experience with A Weigh Out turned out not to be about my weight dragging me down, but how I was handling my life. I was going through the motions and frustrated that nothing was turning out the way I wanted it to. My goals were all swirling in my head and I was running in circles thinking if I could just lose the weight I would get my life together. Then I saw there was a free telephone seminar, listened, signed on, and week by week my self-created mess of a life was transformed into a calm, self-aware, mindful life that has clear goals and tools to change my life and keep my life the way I intend it to be. Thank you Ellen! “*

~Eileen, Cincinnati

The sessions you and I had have changed my life. Of course, there was a great deal of prayer involved also. But I want you to know since my last update to you I have lost 25 pounds! Not because I’m on a diet, but because I’m making better choices – one choice at a time.

Your question – “What is it I’m asking the food to do for me?” changed my entire concept of why I was eating. I realized that food CANNOT comfort me, love me, nor be my friend. Then I started seeing a transformation from Unconscious Negative Behavior all the way to Conscious Positive Behavior as I realized that overeating food was actually making me feel worse. So now, when I’m stressed I realize that eating fruits and vegetables makes me feel better in the long run because they help me to think better and give me more energy. I also exercise a minimum of three times a week.

I never thought that I would clearly understand how to change the relationship I had with food, but thanks to your program and lots of prayer, my life has changed. Thank you so much. “*

~Faith, Smithfield

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