Emotional Eating Coaching

Can A Life Coach Help?

If You are Tired of Fighting this Battle Alone, Consider the Benefits of Coaching

“Food has lost its power! I no longer need it to self-medicate. Through your guidance, expertise and experience with emotional eating, I have found better ways to cope, fulfill, live and enjoy my life. Food was constantly my first line of defense-my stimulus reaction to all emotions. I now know what role food played in my life. I look forward to no longer living a life of feeling out of control, trapped, and guilty. Going through this learning experience made the difference.” Margo T., Germany

You and Your Emotional Eating Coach Will:

  1. Identify & work together on short & long term life goals
  2. Replace emotional eating with new more effective ways to tolerate stress, anger, boredom, loneliness, etc…
  3. Remove old barriers that previously blocked success
  4. Make step-by-step, reasonable action plans and follow through

Coaching is a unique service. It’s conducted by telephone. Together, a Coach and a Client form a powerful and supportive partnership designed specifically to help the client identify and break through the blocks that keep him/her from achieving life goals. An Emotional Eating Coach helps a client develop the skills needed to move from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.

Should You Hire An A Weigh Out Life Coach?

Do you live with any of these nagging thoughts?

  • I feel out-of-control with food. I overeat too often!
  • I spend too much time thinking about food and/or my weight!
  • I know what I’m supposed to eat. Still, I make bad choices.
  • I know I’m supposed to exercise more. But, I can’t seem to make myself do it.
  • I spend too much time obsessed with body hatred.
  • I eat when I’m bored.
  • I think I’m a stress eater. I know I’m stress eating.
  • I eat whenever I want to feel better.
  • I’m not sure why I overeat.
  • I know why I overeat…and I still can’t stop!
  • I’m afraid I’m putting my health at risk.
  • This makes no sense to me.
  • I’ve run out of diets to try.
  • I feel like a failure!

If any of those sound familiar, you haven’t failed. The diets have failed you!


All a diet does is take away your food. Our approach is based on the following belief system:

When you overeat…What you overeat…And under what circumstances you overeat…Is all part of a bigger life picture.

For example, if you are a stress eater, it stands to reason that:

  • if you can identify and eliminate some of your life stressors, and
  • if you can learn healthier skills to manage the stress you absolutely can’t eliminate… Then,
  • you’ll reduce your stress eating and subsequently reduce your weight…

Change is possible when you know what to change and how to go about doing so.

How Do You Know If You’re Ready For a Coach?

“Coach-able” clients are motivated…

  • They really want to learn new skills and are ready to move
  • They want to be less obsessed with food and weight
  • They’re ready to replace stress eating with healthier strategies
  • They’re excited about putting an end to self-defeating patterns.
  • They want to be healthy
  • They want to identify and eliminate energy drainers
  • They want to feel less “fearful” about choice and change
  • They want more rewarding relationships
  • They want to improve their overall quality of life

An A WEIGH OUT Coach is not a DIET COACH! An A WEIGH OUT Coach teaches you new skills so you will never have to “diet” again!

Measuring Success!

Your success with an A WEIGH OUT Emotional Eating Coach should be measured based on the following:

  • You are making “action” plans and following through
  • You are eliminating things and people in your life that drain your energy
  • You are making healthier food choices
  • You’re choosing exercise because it makes you healthier (not just because you’re trying to lose weight)
  • You are reducing the episodes of stress eating
  • You feel less body hatred
  • You’re addressing any/all health issues; your weight may be one of those
  • You are feeling less fearful
  • You are feeling less like a “victim”
  • You’re seeing options and making positive changes
  • Your relationships with friends and family are improving.
  • You’re identifying things in life that makes you happy and you’re moving towards them
  • You’re attracting healthier people into your life
  • Your finances are now in order (or moving in that direction)
  • You’re playing more and having more fun
  • You’re feeling more centered, balanced

All of the above is a Choice! With the support of your Coach, these are choices you can make!

How Does Life Coaching For Emotional Eating Work?

Typically, emotional eating coaching is Tele-Coaching, conducted over the phone, in the privacy of your own home or office.

All of our A WEIGH OUT Coaches are professionals in either the behavioral health and/or health and wellness field. Following an introductory phone call with an A WEIGH OUT staff person, a client is matched with a Coach who has the skill-base the client needs. Client and Coach will then talk. If that goes well, the two will decide to work together.

Coaching Fee
$295. – includes three-40 minute Coaching Sessions per round of Coaching, intake packet, prep sheets, Coach’s prep time for sessions, and occasional emails in between sessions

(Client is responsible for any long-distance phone charges)

*Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Coaching is “skill training”. To exlore your readiness for Coaching, or if you’re struggling with emotional, binge, or compulsive eating and would like to learn more about recovery strategies, please register for A Weigh Out’s FREE Telephone. This seminar is a safe place for people who are stugglung to learn a great deal about emotional eating and to ask questions, if they like. (Professionals, please contact Ellen Shuman directly to discuss your professional interests, rather than signing up for this particular call.)

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