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It is truly possible for all women to access their beauty.  When I coach women it is truly wonderful for me when they arrive at this awareness.  The paths to this knowing are variable, personal and something for exploration and experimentation.

A woman in her mid 40’s has been working with me for a rather short time.  Although she had been a successful competitive swimmer, in recent years she had been mostly physically inactive and uncomfortable in her body. 

When she began moving in the studio she initially felt stiff, confined and self conscious.  This gradually changed as she gained more comfort and safety and she began to move more.

One day as I witnessed her moving to music I noticed a calm expression and a smile on her face.  When I asked her what she noticed she replied that she felt calm, strong and the “B” word.  When I asked her what the “B” word was she expressed hesitancy.  She did not want to say it.  I supportively urged her to share her experience with me.  She said she felt beautiful; and she smiled.  I experienced that beauty as I watched her move, and I shared that with her.  Her movements were fluid and strong.

She later revealed that at no other time in her life had she ever felt beautiful. I felt sadness that only now had she connected to her beauty.  At the same time I felt immense joy and optimism that with this experience she can build her “I am beautiful” muscle.   She experienced a felt–sense of beauty in her body and she can learn to carry this with her in her life. 

When do you notice feeling your beauty?  In a safe and comfortable space listen to some music that you love.  Close your eyes and breathe in that music.  Let your body move with the music.  Discover your beauty!


Robin Okun, LMSW, is a certified Nia Instructor, Movement Therapist, Center for Eating Disorders, Director of Mindful Movement Studio, Ann Arbor, MI, 734-395-2624,

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