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Could “HUGE” Be Huge for Size Acceptance?

Huge on abc family2.5 million viewers watched the premiere episode of “HUGE”, ABC Family’s brand new show about fat teens at a fat camp. It stars Hairspray’s Nikki Blonsky, a young actress historically outspoken about liking her plus size body. According to the ratings, HUGE was the ABC Family network’s most watched series premiere ever among 18-49 year-old women (a very important demographic to TV execs and advertisers). Watch first episode here.

And CBS has just started running promos for a new fall show called, “Mike and Molly”, about two people who meet at an OvereatersMike & Molly on CBS support meeting. Watch preview here.  Is this a sign that Hollywood is moving an inch or two in the direction of size acceptance, as some news headlines queried this past week? Is this a sign that the earth is shifting on it’s axis and we  might actullay see smartly written and entertaining shows without cheap fat jokes and the common assumptions that, 1) weight loss should be everyone’s goal, and 2) weight loss will provide the fastest possible route to uncomplicated happiness?

My opinion…shared by many who have weighed in this week, is that 

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