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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

She found a gift in her freezer

binge eatingSometimes, someone shares a story with me during a session and the details stick in my head all day. This was one of those times…maybe because I’ve eaten my share of both “freezer cake” and open packages of food I’d previously thrown away. But I think, mostly, it was because I admired my client’s unflinching willingness to look back at a binge, without judgment, and to learn from the experience.

Also, this story clearly illustrated what I tell binge eaters who are considering Weight Loss Surgery…or have already had it and are disappointed because they are still struggling with emotional eating. Weight loss surgery changes how much you can eat at one time, but not the need to use food to manage

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Desperate to lose weight…Most people who have struggled with emotional and binge eating, and who struggle with body dissatisfaction, can identify with feelings of desperation.  How many of us have asked,”What will it take for me to finally be motivated to lose weight?”

Desperate to lose weight…Many people I speak with say they thought learning they were pre-diabetic would do the trick. But even that didn’t stop the emotional eating. The most dramatic example I can share came from

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Compulsivity Does Not Disappear With Weight Loss Surgery

Note…(2007) Binge eating, older age, and a taste for sweets are associated with a poor outcome after laparoscopic gastric-band surgery, Ralph Peterli, MD, a surgeon at St. Claraspital, in Basel, Switzerland, reported at the 24th annual meeting of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery.


This following article was written by Guest Contributor, Carol Signore, MAT, MFT, FAED, Executive Director of My Self Design:  Aftercare for Weight Loss Surgery (www.myselfdesign.com), Chair, Bariatric Surgery SIG: Academy For Eating Disorders.


Recently a person who was scheduled for bariatric surgery asked me a powerful and interesting question. “What will life be like without compulsive overeating?”  Her name was Lucy.  She told me that that most bariatric surgery patients she saw at her doctor’s support group had been compulsive overeaters for much of their lives.  She felt she had been one herself and thought that her “compulsivity” might be hard to give up. She thought her own compulsivity might even have served an important function for her in some way.  As excited as she was about her upcoming surgery she was genuinely concerned about what her life would be like without overeating and wondered where all that compulsivity would go.  What a great question! 

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