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But I Don’t Like Greek Yogurt

Greek YogurtI had a revelation today. I really don’t like Greek yogurt. I want to like it. I keep buying it by the tub at Costco.  But I really don’t like it.

I have tried adding a little vanilla and Splenda. Nothing works. I think I should like it…and I eat it because it’s “good for me”…and because, with some fruit added, it’s a “healthy” lunch. I can prepare and eat it quickly, between clients, when my schedule is packed.

But today I realized I am never satisfied after I eat Greek yogurt. I tend to wolf it down, to get it over with. Then I find myself resenting my choice and wondering what else is in the frig. This is dangerous territory for someone with a history of emotional eating.

Where is it written that I have to eat Greek yogurt..or any other food just because it is “good” for me? Who says?

Today, I am an “intuitive eater”. That means I pay attention to what I like and don’t like to eat, what leaves me feeling satisfied and unsatisfied, what feels good in my body vs. what leaves me with a queasy or overfull stomach and an icky after taste in my mouth. I am in touch with what foods leave me with a sharp, clear mind vs. those that leave me feeling fuzzy and desperate for a nap. Sorry, but Greek yogurt just doesn’t do it for me…and that’s OK!

So, today I will throw away my very last half-eaten tub of plain Greek yogurt! Done!

Do you have any healthy “food rules” that set you up for trouble? If so, why do you think you keep following those rules? And whose rules are those anyway?


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