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Busting Some Nutrition Myths: Part One

The most important reason to exercise is to manage weight

Of all the reasons to exercise, and they are plentiful, weight loss would be at the very bottom of my list, if it made the list at all.
It always surprises me when people discuss how many calories they’ve burned after a particular activity. Um, any calories you burn need to be replaced, right? Who drives down the road and says, yay, I burned ¼ a tank of gas?

Food is the fuel you provide your body to get yourself down the road. If you run further and faster down the road, you’ll likely need more fuel.

The benefits of exercise are almost too numerous to mention; improved metabolism, better energy levels, stronger muscles and more efficient cardiovascular system, improved mood, lower blood pressure, higher HDL (the “good” cholesterol), less risk of illness, improved immunity, better balance, more blood flow to the brain, etc. etc. etc. Move your body because you want to be stronger, smarter, healthier. Not because you want to be smaller.

Eating after 7 p.m. causes weight gain

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  1. Thanks for setting things straight – when we base what we do on misinformation we just keep heading in the wrong direction and do not find truth!

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