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Tool #48 Get Clear About the Life You Want to Create

What do you want?

What do you really want?

If asked, could you articulate it, in detail?

If you don’t know, how will you make it happen?

Simple questions… but when asked to be very specific in a variety of arenas (i.e., health & body, relationships, home, career life, financial life, social/recreational, spirituality, etc.) we find that many people have trouble answering, in depth. They are used to saying things like,.

“I just want to be happy.”
“I want more money.”
“I want to get married.”
“I want to find a better job.”

When asked to go into more detail about what they want, and how they would get there, often people find they are more in touch with what they DON’T WANT than with what they DO WANT.

“Well, I know I don’t want to be fat.”
“I know I don’t want to struggle to pay my bills.”
“I don’t want to work a 40 hour work week in a corporate job anymore.”
“I don’t want to be single the rest of my life.”

If you don’t know exactly what you do want, how will you ever attract it?

Tool #48 Get Clear About the Life You Want to Create
Suggested Action Steps

Here’s your opportunity to get specific about the life you want to create in these 7 arenas.

  • Health and Body
  • Relationships
  • Home
  • Career Life
  • Financial Life
  • Social Life/Recreation
  • Spirituality

If willing, your assignment is to create a detailed list in each category. We’ve given you several examples, just to get you thinking.

My Life

What I Want

Action Steps

Health and Body I want to be strong and fit so I can avoid any health problems that are avoidable. I’m going to start walking 10 minutes, once a week, and then add 5 minutes each week until I am walking 30 minutes, three times a week.
I want to take better medical care of my body. I’m going to make an appointment for a physical and a teeth cleaning. If I do not wish to be weighed at the doctor’s office, I’ll simply say, “No, thank you.”
I want to get a better night’s sleep. I’m going to put $25. away every week toward a new mattress and box spring.
I want to improve my nutrition by eating more fruits and vegetables. I will add one fruit and one vegetable each day.
Relationships I want to start dating, with the hope of finding a significant other. I’m going to tell my friends of my hope and ask if they know of anyone for me to meet…and I’ll explore online dating. Then decide if it’s something I’m willing to try.
I want to spend more time with old friends and make some new ones. I will reach out to one old friend each week, ask if they’d like to get together and make a plan. And I will look for opportunities to start conversations with some of the people at work who I think I might like to get to know.
I want to improve my relationships with my siblings. I will call my sisters and see if they’d be interested in planning a girl’s night out.
Home I want a more organized home. I’m going to address just one room at a time and spend one hour a week de-cluttering.

And I will set up a system to handle junk mail & bills that come into my home and stick with it, eliminating the piles of paper everywhere.
I want to repaint my bedroom. I’ll go to the paint store, get a paint deck, and have fun looking at paint colors. I’ll ask around for a good painter.
Career Life I want a promotion and the higher salary that comes with it. I will ask my boss for a meeting and find out what I need to do to get on the promotion track.
I want to get my MBA I will go online and learn about opportunities, both online courses and programs in my city. I will make two exploratory calls by May1st.
I want more flexibility in my workday, so I can occasionally go to my kid’s school events. I will ask my boss if I can occasionally come in early or stay late on days when I want to go to a school event. If she says no, I will consider whether the time has come to explore a more flexible job.
Financial Life I want to pay down my credit card debt and then I want to start planning for retirement. I will ask people I know who seem to be very responsible with money if they could recommend a great certified financial planner.
I want to have enough money for one big vacation a year. I will start a travel fund, calculating how much I need to put away each month to have $3000. to spend on a great yearly vacation.
Social Life/Recreational I want to get out of my house and do more, new, exciting things this year. I will say yes to more invitations …and if I start to say “no” because I’m worried about what I happen to weigh at the time, I will stop myself!. If the event sounds like fun, I will dress becomingly, and comfortably, and I’m going!

I will also look for and initiate new adventures, one a month.

I want to learn to play tennis. I’m going to look into tennis lessons and plan to take a beginner’s class this summer.
Spirituality I want to explore ways to be/feel more spiritually connected. I’ll start with some online research about spirituality and just see where it takes me.

A Tip…

If you have any trouble coming up with what you WANT in any one of these categories, begin instead with a list of what you DO NOT WANT … and then work on the I WANT list. Sometimes that helps a person get the needed clarity.

(See blank worksheets in the PDF, for your use. Print as many worksheets as you need to complete all 7 categories.)

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