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When You Join our Private Members’ Circle, You Get Access to:

52 Weekly Empowerment Tools a year to help you overcome emotional and binge eating. Weekly Tool Alerts delivered right to your email box, so you’ll know when you have access to your next Tool. (Currently, there are 52 “Level 1” & 69 “Level 2 Empowerment” Tools available.)
24/7 access to the A Weigh Out Support Circle (use this Forum, as needed, to ask questions and to safely express, rather than “stuff” thoughts and feelings)
Podcasts featuring  Ellen and Ellen’s interviews with cutting edge experts and authors of the latest books about Overcoming Binge Eating, Compulsive Eating, and Emotional Eating, etc… (Currently, 52 Podcasts available.)
Direct access to A Weigh Out Founder and Coach Ellen Shuman–Just post in the Support Circle
Emotional and Overcoming Binge Eating Blog,”Weigh This Instead”

It’s a huge help to know there is a group of people who really understand your battles and challenges and that we have a safe place to share our ups and downs.

I also agree that Ellen’s program is the best I have come across. It deals in science but also in the soul and that combination of practical and intuitive hits the nail on the head for me. ” *

~ Annette, New Zealand
Articles and expert advice on how to live healthfully; Emotionally, Physically, Nutritionally, Spiritually, and Socially…
how to overcome barriers to change
A Library of Motivational Audio and Videos (high speed internet required)
A one stop location for all the latest news, information, and quality products related to how to overcome binge eating (books, DVDs, CDs, fashion, plus size products, etc.)
A Weigh Out Newsletter; loaded with strategies for overcoming binge eating

Join the Circle

  • Find Relief from Binge Eating, Freedom, Self Trust, and Your Self-Worth
  • An End to the Painful Cycle of Binge Eating and Desperate Dieting!
  • Validation that Healthy People come in all Shapes and Sizes
  • Comfort in Your Body!
  • Personal Empowerment and Connection to Others Who Understand!

We welcome you to join us for a new adventure, packed full of new and wonderful possibilities.
Inside our Membership Circle, find hope, connection, and freedom from
emotional, binge, compulsive overeating, and/or food addiction.

More about Membership:

I gained more than I expected from the website and tools. I have gained a more wholesome attitude towards my body and its impulses and new mindfulness. Thanks to you, Ellen, and this site, food has become my friend. It lights my way to my deepest self, and the journey of my life. to be more me and more in touch with my dreams for myself. ” *

~ Patty S.
  • The Circle’s Charter Membership fee is $17.00.per month*,
    that’s about $3.92 a week per year (Most of us have spent WAY more than
    that on emotional eating…) Please Note…This Charter Member Fee may go
    up, but you will be GUARANTEED THIS FEE forever, as
    long as you are a member in good standing.
  • When you sign up for your 21 Day FREE TRIAL,
    you’ll be asked for your credit card. Your card will only
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    , if you do NOT cancel by the end of the
    Free Trial period. After 21 Days, our Members you will be billed
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    • You may Cancel at any time. You will never be charged again!  Just use the “Contact Us” link located at the very top of every page on this website and pick “Cancel My Membership” from the “Subject” List. Or email directly to support@aweighout.com. Please note…we do not issue refunds AFTER credit cards have been charged for the month. So be sure to email toward the end of your month,  if you wish to leave the Members’ Circle.



Reasons to Join the A Weigh Out Membership Circle

Ellen’s program is the best thing I’ve come across to actually help the underlying feelings and emotions. It’s a wonderful program.” *

~ Carole K., Washington
  1. You’ll receive 52 Empowerment Tools, one delivered every
    week, directly to your email
  2. Learn how to overcome binge eating, live “mindfully” instead of hating your body
    and continuing to eat “mindlessly”
  3. Discover how to reclaim your body, mind, and spirit…your
    hopes, talents, dreams, and abundant gifts! Be part of a growing
  4. Gain access to top experts in the recovery field
  5. Experience a 24/7 Connection to a private and growing
    community of people who truly understand!
  6. Take advantage of a treasure chest of information to support overcoming binge eating;
    inspiration, motivational writings, teleseminars, audio, video, etc.
    (We’ll find the quality stuff for you, so you don’t have to spend
    your life searching for support on the web…and we’ll put it all in
    one remarkably safe place, our Circle!)
  7. Please Note…This Membership is for people struggling with emotional and binge eating. If you are a therapist, coach, nutritionist, physician, personal trainer, or other healthcare practitioner, rather than join this recovery program, please call or email me during the week to discuss your professional interests.


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