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Life After Emotional & Binge Eating

Becoming a Diet Survivor: Relief and Grief

(Based on The Diet Survivor’s Handbook)

We define a diet survivor as a person who has been on more than one diet, lost and regained the weight, and are becoming aware that the failure is not their fault.  By identifying yourself as a diet survivor, you’re in the process of making a transformation.  Rather than remaining in a damaging downward spiral, you can embark on a journey toward physical and psychological well-being. You’re reaching the conclusion that you cannot tolerate one more diet.  You’re saying “no” to deprivation and “no” to the overeating that inevitably follows.  You’re no longer willing to sacrifice your health and happiness to lose weight.  You’re tired of feeling depleted by your preoccupation with food and weight and of waiting for a number on the scale to give you permission to start living.

But saying no isn’t enough.  In order to make significant changes, you must

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