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Attuned Exercise

As a diet survivor, you’ve learned that attuned eating is the antidote to dieting.  But how attuned are you when it comes to moving your body?  Do you exercise too much, not enough, or just the right amount for your body and your lifestyle?

If you’re like most diet survivors, at some point exercise was part of the diet mentality for you:  a way to burn up calories and lose weight.  Exercise may have felt like punishment for eating “bad” foods or for not having the right body size.  When you worked out you felt like you were in control, and when you stopped, you probably felt guilty.

The key to attuned exercising is to

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  1. Great article! This morning I went for a walk in the mall – I was doing my usual walk, but just didn’t feel good like usual. I was pushing myself and then I started to think about how I was feeling and then remembered oh yea I woke up with a sinus cold. Maybe my body needed a bit less of a walk this morning. Thanks for reminding us that listening to our body in every aspect, emotional hunger, physical hunger, exercise hunger etc. is what is needed.

  2. I tried ballroom dancing several years ago and was instantly hooked! There are many “flavors” of dances, so it’s a great form of self-expression as well as exercise. The confidence I’ve gained in moving my body on the dance floor has seeped into other areas of my life now, too.

    About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to take my dancing up a notch, but my body was having trouble keeping up comfortably. I took advantage of a gym discount on one of the daily-deals websites and have been working out ever since. That’s the longest I’ve ever had and regularly USED a gym membership. At first, my trainer asked me to do activities that required jumping (such as jumping jacks), but doing so felt incredibly uncomfortable and wrong to my body, even after I invested in appropriate clothes. So, I asked if there were other things I could do to keep my heartrate up instead, and we haven’t done any jumping since!

    I can’t say that I love working out, but I love several things that result from it. I love how strong my body feels now…that makes me feel strong mentally and emotionally, which in turn gives me confidence and a sense of control over my life. And yes, my dancing has improved, too!

  3. Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Coach; A Weigh Out says

    Empowerment! Yes! You knew what you wanted and figured out how to make it happen…and you used your voice to get you needs met and make the workouts comfortable for you. Nice work!

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